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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Texas Demoncrat Al Green Introduces Impeachment Articles Against Our POTUS

Texas Democrat Representative Al Green has introduced impeachment articles against our POTUS Donald J. Trump.

The failed representative introduced them but very few from either side of the aisle paid any attention to Green.

I think it's past time we bring this whole mess to the forefront and call it what it is. The left is doing all they can do to terminate our constitutionally elected POTUS Donald J. Trump's presidency! It's past the point of finger pointing and foot stomping by the spoiled left. They've crossed the line again. This time in yet another failed attempt to discredit and distract and interfere with our POTUS Donald J. Trump's leadership, his presidency.

We need to change our country's course. We elected Donald J. Trump to do just that. Those on the left? They lost! Now it's time to get to work and change that course. Right the ship and get us back into some positive gain again. After the past eight years of liberal "rule" (I'm including the RINOs like McCain, Rubio, Bush, et. al. on that "liberal rule" list) it's time to get back on the conservative path. We voted for that, we won the vote now make it happen!

To hell with Al Green, John McCain, et. al.



Dan T. said...

It is to bad we cant make these assholes pay for the costs of these games. There is no way in hell that Trump will be impeached unless something NEW comes up. (Thats when they should bring charges.) As of right now, there is no basis for these phony charges to be brought. Hell, they shouldn't even be proposed unless the instigator can provide the clause in the Constitution that justifies the proceedings with what evidence he has. So far, I have seen NOTHING trump has done to justify an investigation, let alone an impeachment. We need to make the political parties start paying for their crap, not the taxpayers.

ttueoop said...

Great points Dan! Many jurisdictions have laws on the books that prohibit malicious prosecution(s) and provide pretty ornery remedies for those who might think of pursuing any malicious prosecution. Unfortunately, those laws are subject to "interpretation" and many are either poorly written or rarely enforced. One would think that most any unfounded political "character hit" would fall under these various laws, administrative procedures or civil codes. The catch is convincing another politico to take up an action against one of his/her fellow politicos on behalf of us, the affected public, their supposed "constituents".

I mean after all, the prosecutors, judges, sheriffs and chief administrators of our law enforcement and regulation agencies are all either elected by a popular vote or politically appointed by someone who's been elected by a popular vote. Their definition of "corruption" is much more diluted than those definitions that you or I might have, at least. And the corruption compounds from there.

But I'm preaching to the choir. We've been tossing these facts around between us for a couple of years now. It's absurd. Even if someone was to bring about some civil or criminal action seeking some remedy against a wrong caused by an over the top politico I don't see any judge, magistrate (criminal or administrative) allowing the process to go forward unless the accused had truly "burned their politico bridges". Then I'd imagine that poor fool would be thrown under the bus and charged with a couple of other violations as well or would simply commit suicide by shooting him/herself in the head once each with two different caliber weapons while sitting on a park bench in the middle of a park at the wee hours of the morning after having tossed the guns somewhere where they'll never be found before expiring.

I've read in a book somewhere that that's a remote possibility for the weak minded. A double tap, multi-caliber remote bench, in park early morning suicide. That and overdosing while naked and crawling into a dumpster miles away from where you were last seen.

Yeah, it's a pretty frecked up mess we have these days.