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Friday, October 13, 2017

Well Damn! "PACKS OF MUSLIMS"...

They're prowling Farcebook looking for those who dare speak out against the islamic cult on the Farcebook timelines. The truth is finally coming out though it's been known long before now.

Either way, THIS explains a whole helluva lot.

I used to have a Farcebook account... actually two Farcebook accounts but they were both "shut down" by Farcebook. Their official reason (or so others were told)? I failed to properly provide my true and full date of birth on one account and failed to properly provide my true and full name on another one. In other words I did what hundreds of thousands of folks who use the internet do to mask my true information from hackers, etc... I used a pseudonym and a fictional date of birth.

I always wondered what it "officially" was that made them lock me out but then again, it is their territory, their forum so I had no choice but to go elsewhere. When pressed for an explanation I received a note that some "folks" who read my two separate timelines were offended by my disparaging comments and hostile online demeanor. In essence, I was drummed out because of my "anti-muslim rhetoric", or so I heard/read. My Farcebook posts were pretty much along the lines of what I've written here for over ten years. It should be of no surprise to anyone that I don't buy into the argument that islam is a "religion of peace", let alone a "religion" though, as it was pointed out to me decades ago, in the perverted, dark sense of the term "religion", islam could fit the definition. I'd call it more of an occult group than what one would expect when they lump islam in as a "religion". But then again, that's just me.

Anyway, now it's official. Farcebook is allowing muslim groups to hunt those who refuse to accept islam as a religion, let alone a religion of peace and Farcebook is banishing those Farcebook users for eternity based on the whining islamic pack's information.

I'm one of those banned... twice. I wear and will continue to wear that badge with honor!


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