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Monday, July 31, 2017

And yet more info about Seth Rich...

Another "Clinton Tragedy"???
It's really beginning to look like those "Clintonians" have some more explaining to do. Or maybe not. That would depend on who survives the aftermath of the "purge" of witnesses.

Nope, it doesn't pay to be an associate of the clintons or (so it seems) the DNC these days.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Louisiana Prison "Trustee" escapes, kills Assistant Warden's stepdaughter.

I never understood the "trustee" label and position granted to PRISON inmates. County jails? Yeah. State and Federal Prisons? NO!

If they're in prisons why are they "Trustees"?

That just doesn't ring true. They violate the trust of society, they're thrown in prison and many of them are labeled "trustees".

Why? Because they violated our public trust and got caught? And simply because of the fact that they're in a prison means, for the most part they were convicted of committing a felony.

So, being as they're in prison because they've been tried and convicted for committing a felony or multiple felonies why would the prison folks think these vermin could be trusted? Where I come from, those folks who run the risk of getting caught committing felonies need to stay locked up behind bars, no "trustee" bullshat, no "good time", no favors.

They need to be exterminated, rot in prison for life or serve their time and shown the door, whatever the case might be.

                                                             DELTRA HENDERSON 
                                                                CONVICTED FELON
                                                                           39 YOA
                                                    CURRENTLY RESIDING IN HELL


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gutierrez, the squawking head.

He wants to eliminate our freely elected by the people, POTUS Donald J. Trump because POTUS Trump is trying to protect us, American Citizens.

And Gutierrez doesn't seem to care how it happens

This is like something out of the LaRaza playbook. This Gutierrez fool is a coward at best, a traitor at heart. He's advocated the overthrow of a duly elected POTUS. I guarantee you  true Americans will not benefit from what this freak proposes. But those who come into this country seeking free this, free that, "give me give me, give me" will certainly stand to gain at our "taxpayers" expense. We'd be a third world country within a decade. We're struggling to prevent that now. Why would we want more of it?

Nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it and I'm pretty dad-gummed sure those freeloading Gutierrez folks won't be the ones who will pay for it. We, the worker bees, those of us who are and have put in our time in the workforce, worked for decades to establish a retirement, paid our way... it will be those of us who will have to carry the burden for those who don't want to work, don't want to participate... those who only want to live here, get free stuff and complain.

I guess this Gutierrez idiot is yet another Illinois demoncrat who thinks our POTUS "Donald J Trump is a major criminal who must be peacefully eliminated and brought to his knees after demoncrats take back the House of Representatives and begin "the impeachment process".

Typical left winged strategy. If you don't like what you hear, what you're seeing then you need to say "screw the people" and cause enough angst to get someone, somewhere to take action. Action that Gutierrez won't take himself because he's all b.s. and no spine.

Gutierrez represents one of the most screwed up states in our union. He's been voted in by bleeding heart libs and quite frankly represents their anti-American attitudes very well.

America had a fair, unbiased election for POTUS and Donald J. Trump won that election. The left, folks like this Gutierrez idiot seem to think that though they're the obvious minority they have a right to what they want, not what the majority of the country wants. So I guess we have to acquiesce, move aside and give them their "free stuff".

Go to hell Gutierrez, go to hell! The people of this fine country have voted and you didn't get your way. Get over it!



Monday, July 24, 2017


Is he or isn't he going to be our country's next Attorney General?

All I can say is there's chaos everywhere. Intentionally designed political chaos from all interests. If we're not hearing about the demoncrats then it's the republicans, the tea party crowd, the socialists, the libertarians.... 

It's getting old. It's getting close to time to clean house and move forward. 


Those Pesty Hard Drives the Democrats Don't Want Us To Find...

Well, they've been found.

By the FBI in the former home of Imran Awan, an IT expert who was born in Pakistan.

It seems someone tried to destroy them first. Now it seems there's more to these hard drives than previously thought.

And to think the Democrats were shelling out so much money (at least 4 million bucks... allegedly) to the little band of islamic thieves who were allegedly contracted by the Demoncratic National Committee via congresswoman and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

But then again, it's all "allegations". I'm pretty sure someone, somewhere, some time, somehow will step in and find nothing unusual in this latest mess of botched alleged espionage, etc.

After all, it's nothing more than conducting political business these days. This lying, deceit, treason, espionage... whatever you might want to call it STUFF.

“Imran, Abid and Jamal Awan, Hina Alvi, Natalia Sova and Rao Abbas set up the email accounts and computer systems for dozens of members of Congress and their staffs, and they could read all emails and files on those systems,”

Move along now, nothing to  see here.


IMAMS are now hailed as heros?!

Did everyone forget about taqqiyah? The right, the expectation, the ability to lie for the protection or promotion of islam.

Personally, I wouldn't trust them.

Muslims all over the world have established they'll employ lies to protect their cult. And they're really not that conservative about the employment of taqiyyah. They'll lie at the drop of a hat about the simplest of things. Especially if they think they or someone within their faith is about to be or is  being "outed" for something and will lose face as a result of their act or omission.

Nah, I wouldn't trust any imam... they're too close to the head of the snake.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Our demoncrats want an "open border" with these guys...

So what could possibly go wrong with that?

Our neighbor to the south, Mexico in all its glory!

It's setting new records. Pretty soon it might just catch up to Chitcago, that liberal city where only the bad guys and the affluent have guns.

Nah, I don't think we need MORE of this crap. We need less. Much less. Keep it there Mexico, we have our own bad guys to worry about. Oh, and take our liberals with you when you leave.


Speaking of Mexico, La Raza, reconquista and Human Trafficking...

This is a tragedy that needs to be stopped!

At least 38 victims of human traffickers... sans Mexico.

Let's see how this is going to shake out in the press. I'm sure somehow our society, our culture, our country will be the cause of this trafficking and the greed associated with it.

From our POTUS Donald J. Trump's speech he recently gave in Saudi Arabia while discussing islum and terrorism.
"I also applaud Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon for their role in hosting refugees. The surge of migrants and refugees leaving the Middle East depletes the human capital needed to build stable societies and economies. Instead of depriving this region of so much human potential, Middle Eastern countries can give young people hope for a brighter future in their home nations and regions."
I've been saying this for years.

There's absolutely no need to remove those adversely affected by terrorism, islam from their native environments. Quite often over the past decades I've suggested we protect them in place and provide the care, logistics, support they need to survive and eventually overcome their challenges at hand, whatever those might be. Let them do it in place, primarily on their own but with some oversight, support, help so they can maintain their dignity and obtain and maintain the quality of life they truly prefer.

I never understood the practice of ripping folks from their native lands, their homes, their lives simply to move them to a foreign environment thousands of miles away so they can dwell on their woes and wonder what's going to happen to them next. They're unfamiliar with everything associated with the move. They're immediately alienated and they're wholly uncomfortable.

Aiding them in place provides a heightened sense of ownership, loyalty, patriotism to their cause, their very existence.

Our POTUS Donald J. Trump is "spot on" here!


Reconquista... the "Mexicans" want Southwest USA back.

58% of "Mexicans" believe the Southwest United States of America belongs to Mexico. They don't believe they have to ask for our country's permission to cross the border and wander aimlessly through our country. In short they want utopia for them, nothing for the rest of us. It is not a reciprocal option from their points of view.

The reconquista poll from 24ahead.com

What the "Mexicans" fail to realize is that they're not the indigenous group in Mexico either. They're as much or more of a mixed breed than most Americans are. Sooo, given their logic they wouldn't need passports or visas to enter Spain, Portugal, England, France, etc. either. I mean, after all many of them are "mixed" breeds with those folks as well.

Bottom line? If they can cross without visas, permission then so can we. But frankly I'd rather leave it the way it is. Get a visa, a passport... do it legally when you enter the United States of America. That includes New Mexico, Arizona, California, Texas and all points north, south, east and west.

I no longer have a desire to leave this mighty fine United States of America for pleasure OR for business. So, I won't be affected.

But I can understand why they want to come here...


ICE likes what it's being told.

ICE was hobbled, hog tied, cuffed and quite frankly their duties were gutted over the past eight years. Their morale was in the dumps and their performance was, well... lacking.

By design, not by fault of their own. By executive design.

Now it appears ICE has new marching orders from the Trump administration. They're no longer going to have to look the other way when our borders laws are being violated nor are they going to have to nursemaid or babysit those who are invading our country.

And ICE is okay with that...

Quite frankly, ICE loves it's new direction. Going back to the way things should have been done in the first place, until obama came along and screwed things up.

Maybe we can get some border enforcement again. I know Mexico has it, I know Canada has it... why can't we enforce ours?

Oh wait. We can now. obummer's gone and the democrats are no longer in control.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

This Clinton "pay to play" scheme just keeps unraveling!

Here's the latest from Judicial Watch.org's relentless pursuit for justice.

From the Clinton presidency to the Clinton State Department, including Obama's out of control presidency we've nearly been had, as a nation of laws. There's so much going on globally that's designed to benefit the elite, the politicos, those whose greed comes first. The Clintons overt sellout of our freedoms, our integrity, our honor, our very culture as a nation simply for the benefit of "the elite" isjust a drop in the proverbial bucket. Global politics is nothing more than a global club of the rich, the wealthy, those who believe they have the power to take what they want, do what they desire and have us cater to them. Their ultimate design, their goal is to sell us out, our rights, our laws, our very existence as anything other than expendable subjects.

These politicos, they're not our friends.


A democrat hyping POTUS Trump?!

I never saw this coming. Watch out for what's going to follow. Don't trust a soul...

McLarty seems to make sense for once and his fellow liberal politicos don't like it.

I'm real curious to see how this is all going to shake out. I mean, Mack McLarty, the chief of staff for former president Bill Clinton is hyping our POTUS Donald J Trump's message re: jobs and the economy. He's suggesting the demoncrats and other liberal follow our President's lead and "focus on jobs and how we're really going to broaden and strengthen this economy".

But I love this part the most... McLarty agrees that our POTUS Donald J. Trump "has proposed some ways to do that in terms of infrastructure development and tax reform, all hard but doable.”

I'm wondering what's happening here. Even the left of the left are starting to see that the left way of doing things hasn't worked, isn't working and won't work. It's time to get real about the issues and fix the problems with real solutions, not rose tinted windows.


Now tell me again, Why are we supposed to trust this Mueller dude?

Mueller was selected by that POSPOTUS obummer's crew to quietly and secretly hand off uranium samples to Russian operatives in September, 2009.

In short, obummer colluded with Putin, et. al. to ensure Russia’s two-year quest to obtain a 10-gram sample of the stolen material was realized. Once obummer secured the 10 gram sample from Georgia for Russia, obummer sent Mueller to deliver the goods to Putin's minions. And we have to learn this from WikiLeaks.

Our whole government's gone mad!

Thank the good Lord for WikiLeaks. That seems to be the only way we get the truth these days.


And that Clinton Death List keeps getting longer

Klaus Eberwein, the one time Chief of Haiti's economic development agency was found in his motel room days before he was expected to testify re: the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Foundation's alleged misappropriation and fraudulent mismanagement of relief funds raised in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. 

Eberwein had previously stated, and was expected to testify as much, that only a mere 0.6 percent of the billions of dollars raised by the Clinton Foundation for Haiti actually made it into the hands of Haitian relief organizations. Some 9.8 percent of the funds ended up in the coffers of the Haitian government and the remaining amount...

The remaining funds, roughly $5.4 BILLION, were reportedly unaccounted for or were disbursed to non-Haitian organizations.

LESS THAN 1 percent of the financial relief funds donated to the Haitians and managed by the Clinton Foundation made it to those in Haiti who were indeed in need of some type of monetary relief, whether it be for food, housing, health, clothes, etc. 99.4 percent of those funds went elsewhere.

At least 5.4 billion dollars... BILLION! managed by the "Clinton Foundation" were "unaccounted for or were disbursed to non-Haitian organizations."

And once again another one of the key witnesses to the alleged corruption of the Clintons and their "Foundation" is dead. He was killed days before he was going to testify about those funds and the distribution of them.

Yeah, another "suicide".

Move along folks, nothing to see here.


From the NRA

I got this link from a friend of mine, "Dan". Thanks Dan.


It's not about guns, it's about facts. It's about the truth AND LIES, deception, fake news, faux news, manipulation. The "Press", the "NEWS MEDIA".

It's about WaPo.

The Washington Post has lost any sense of credibility. It's dipped lower than the "National Enquirer" and other similar gossip rags. It now lines the cat boxes of many United States homes. Too many... it's not even worthy of cat box liner.

Here's a great short video by Greg Stinchfield from the NRA...

Stinchfield tells it like it is. The Washington Post has been reduced to nothing more than a liberal tool. 


Guam Wants Its Freedom...

They want an end to American Colonial rule.

"About 44,900 individuals and 15,650 households (are) receiving food stamps and public health care benefits" from the United States welfare system. Not to mention the "federal grants and taxes on US service personnel in Guam" that also have a lot to do with meeting the island’s budget and infrastructure needs.

That's not freedom. It's time we let them vote on their independence and if they choose, go their own way. 


Well damn... so much for that "Global Warming" thing...

I mean, the left was handed the whole global warming scheme hatched up by al gore, et. al. to make big bucks and they all made and are still trying to make big bucks...

Until now!

It's all a big hoax. Another deceptive ploy to separate our rights, our money, our independence from us via one giant lie after another.

But then again many of us already knew this, already suspected this and quite frankly fought this seemingly never ending lie for decades.

Global warming just ain't so...


I'm All For Duterte Staying Out Of Our Country!

I'd appreciate it if Duterte would just shut up about it. We don't care what he thinks. Every time the idiot opens his mouth our liberal press falls all over themselves trying to find a way to turn Duterte's rants into prophetic comments regarding our demise, as a nation.  Something our liberal Democrat party and other global politicos have been hedging their bets on for a several decades now, at least.

I'm definitely not one to abandon our good Filipino friends but hey, somehow Duterte was elected into office so if the good citizens of the Phillipines voted for him then it's a "reap what you sow" situation.

Either way, that Duterte dude and his entourage aren't our friends. At all. He trashed his country and calls our "lousy"? Now that's funny!

Yes Duterte, stay home. We don't want you here.

Our Filipino friends? Do what you have to do and live with it. I recommend you save yourselves first.


Kamala Harris, the NEXT liberal savior.

Yeah, right.

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (CA) is a dye in the wool California liberal politico. A full blown (can I say that... "blown") lib! She was Californicatia's ultra biased, left winged Attorney General awhile back and she's still as liberal as the day is long. She's also quite the politico "climber".

The Democrats, the liberals want to tout her as their next POTUS candidate.

I do recall her getting destroyed by Jeff Sessions and others during Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings. She didn't take it all that well.

And now the DNC is hyping this Harris thing as their next savior... certainly not ours.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

And now a Public Service Announcement re: Natural Health tonic(s)

Two simple tonics...

The first tonic I've been drinking for decades. I drink at least three 16 oz. bottle of this a day but usually more.

Water, apple cider vinegar and organic honey.

Though I use a slightly different mix.

It works! It works great. I was weighing in at over 300 pounds ten years ago when my back was in bad shape and now, after surgery and after drinking this concoction for several years I'm at my old fighting weight of 210-220 pounds. It most definitely increased my energy and curbed my appetite.

I owe my weight loss and increased energy to this concoction, good, wholesome food and simple walks in the woods. I will admit the surgery on my back took most of the pain away but it didn't get me up out of that ol' "easy chair" as often as I should've been getting up.

So I tried out the concoction.

After I lost all of that weight I threw another one in the mix too. Turmeric, cinnamon, organic honey, lemon, Himalayan Sea Salt and warm water. This particular concoction is more for ailments, cleansing and increasing energy. I've been using this last concoction for over three years and have found it helps with the old arthritis I've had forever, curbs my appetite a bit and seems to help me with my joints and all around pains that crop up when we grow older.

The dosage on the Turmeric is 1/2 tsp of ground, natural turmeric, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon (natural, ground, I use Saigon), 1/8 cup raw or organic honey, 1/2 of a lemon juiced into an 8 oz.glass of warm water.

Stir it well very well (I use a shaker) and drink it every morning.

I find I have more energy throughout the day, much less appetite, far less aches and pains and can think clearer. My old, previously diagnosed high blood pressure that required meds for years is no more, my appetite is reduced to a healthy appetite, I quit drinking alcohol and quite frankly I feel great...

Neither of these are "miracle cures", they do need some help from you re: exercise, focus, commitment, etc. but they both helped and still me cope with everyday living and keeping the weight off. Since starting the vinegar, honey, water concoction I've been drug free except for the 2 Aspirins and 1 vitamin D-3 I take each morning.

Bottom line, it works for me. I've been consuming these two concoctions for quite awhile now and have not used any meds for over five years. Before I was taking meds for blood pressure AND weight loss (both dangerously high), sciatica (very bad, painful) and a blood thinner. I quit them all after I started drinking the concoctions I found I had far more energy, less appetite and far less pain. But, it doesn't work for everyone. I'm just saying it works for me.

...and it's all natural.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This blog's public service announcement for Washington State re: Spiders

It's nothing new. We have venomous spiders here in Washington State but mainly only four of those here will give you a pretty rugged ride if you get bit by them. The Black Widow, the False (Fake) Black Widow, the Yellow Sac and the Hobo spider.

Though there's a helluva lot more spiders out here in our neck of the woods they're really not ornery enough nor do they pack enough of a wallop to draw the attention of the top four. For the record, we "officially" do not have the brown recluse here. Though I've heard of circumstances where they've been transferred here in boxes by our fellow countrymen/women from those states who do have them and back in 1971 I had the honor of having been bit by one while working as a pump jockey at a local gas station. Thank the Good Lord for military dependent medicine. Madigan Hospital recognized it for what it was, treated it and the affects of it was gone in a couple of weeks.

The west side's too cool and wet for them to hang around for any length of time but they've been known to "visit" when tourists invade. However, I believe the east side of the state could be an ideal area for them if the critters ever decide to take hold.

Either way, this spider info is my public service announcement that I used to send out to those who worked with me and those who I associated with over the past thirty or more years. I try to upgrade it as much as possible. I've also provided a link to Washington State's official guv'ment website re: Spiders...

Here's that link, for what it's worth.

Anyways, enjoy your summer. Or what's left of it.

Yawn... Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's dead.

Snuffed out like a flea on a goat. Or a parasite on a hogs ass...

It is confirmed... sort of.

Died during a Russian airstrike, or so the story goes.Yawn... who cares.


Who Killed Seth Rich?!

It's been a year and we still aren't any closer to finding out who killed him.

Question to the Democrat National Committee... Who killed Seth Rich?

I suggest folks start focusing on John Podesta. Ask him some pretty specific questions and hold his feet to the fire for awhile. I'll bet if he thinks his fragile, little bubble of affluence and influence gets burst he'll roll like a three dollar thief.

Either way it all ties back to the democrat party way of doing things, of eliminating things that might be a problem later on down the road. A life is nothing of value when it's the only thing standing between influence, affluence and power or failure.

I believe Rich's life was snuffed in favor of feeding the demoncrat greed.

Just my opinion.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Something that the failed POSPOTUS obama would never do...

Stoop to help someone

Not without having any strings attached and even then I'd doubt he'd do this.

Especially a member of the Armed Forces. POTUS Trump was all over it... twice.


This is what makes Law Enforcement interesting and rewarding...

I've been on these types of incidents. They break up an otherwise dull-assed shift.

It's probably just another dull night in Burlington, Vermont but it gets livened up a bit for a couple of police officers out on patrol. They find a vehicle parked in an open business' parking lot late at night. There were obviously multiple occupants in the vehicle who appeared to be passed out or otherwise incapacitated. Sergeant Nguyen and another officer conducted a welfare check on the inside of the vehicle and was successful in waking at least one of them up. He begins to ask that particular individual some questions re: their well being, their purpose for sleeping in the running vehicle parked in the business parking lot and overall was just trying to determine the status of the individuals, their sobriety, etc.

One of the occupants, Logan Huysman (18 yoa) decides she's had enough of the officers doing their job and assaults Sergeant Nguyen at least. Bottom line? She gets arrested.

Prior to arresting her Sergeant Nguyen notified Logan Huysman's father by phone and requested that he travel to the scene to take custody of his daughter, Logan Huysman. Huysman's father agreed to meet the officers at the location so he could take Logan home. In the meantime little Logan, the foul mouthed, vile, despicable little puke decided she was going to kick, hit and scream at the two officers, forcing them to subsequently arrest her for assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, at least.

She ruined her good high with her friends and has one helluva story to tell the judge. Especially after she "officially" claimed the officer(s) sexually assaulted her even though the whole incident was captured on Sgt. Nguyen's body cam.

When you're a cop it's incidents like these that makes a graveyard shift go by faster. Especially when there's spoiled "kids" like Logan Huysman running around in the world.

Here's the bodycam footage of the entire incident.

Seems ol' Logan's got some 'splainin' to do. Starting with her allegations of sexual assault. Looking at her I couldn't see any possibility of that ever happening unless she was the assailant.

BRAVO OFFICERS! You did a fantastic job. Thank you for doing your duty and beyond!


Sunday, July 09, 2017

This Noise Suppressor On Firearms Makes Total Sense To Me...

 I've been shooting guns since the Good Lord know when. I've been wearing inadequate ear protection over the same period of time. Noise suppressors on guns would have prevented the bulk of my hearing loss over time. Granted some of the gun noises couldn't be all that well planned in advance, hence... no ear protection but when we've been shooting all of our lives those ears, that hearing is going to dim over the years.

But suppressors? Yeah. They'd have made a difference for sure.

My good friend Dan from Montana sent me this link. I've been following proposed legislation throughout the United States regarding suppressors on firearms and am wholly in favor of using them (suppressors AND firearms).

It's just common sense to suppress the noise.

There's absolutely nothing to suggest that suppressed firearms are more dangerous or nefarious than non suppressed firearms. Nothing at all. 

At Least Eastern Europe Is Awake...

They like and prefer a Western Civilization. Let Western Europe abandon their roots. Eastern Europe will keep on keeping on, thank you very much.

They're in no hurry to throw their freedoms away.

Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Holland, Sweden etc... well, they seem to be more about accommodating daesh rather than their own citizens needs.


Our POTUS Donald J Trump's government is trusted more than...

...the press. Globally AND nationally.

And we have every reason to trust him and his government.

Over that failed global "press". ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Al-Jazeera News, FOX... all of them. All of the television, radio networks and all of the published pieces are blatantly biased and globally cater to their or their "handlers" own agendas.

No one seems to report the "news" anymore.  Liberal slants are heavily published by liberal "news" sources, conservative slants are heavily published by conservative news sources. There is no real news these days. Albeit might be informative it's definitely not "neutral", "unbiased".

Personally I trust our POTUS Trump's cabinet's information, progress reports far more than what I see, read or hear via the extremely biased local, national and global press. 

We get what they pay for I guess. 


"Generosity begets beggars"

Remember that discussion back in the "civics" education days? The discussion about everything, everyone being equal. Everyone having the ability to get whatever they want. Everything being free.

I do! It was a circular discussion with no end in sight. A dog chasing its tale.

Just making that comment stirred the crowd. Many agreed, most didn't but in the end the facts always favored the phrase... "generosity begets beggars".

And philanthropist Bill Gates agrees. Amazingly.

Free shit ain't free...

Everything has a price. Quite often, a helluva price. Whole societies, whole civilizations have been brought to their knees because of "free shit" as opposed to "earned shit".

Human nature, personal respect, individualism... society suffers when all things are free, all things are equal, all things belong to everyone. It's not practical, it's not possible.

There's not enough food on the planet, not enough clothing, homes, available transport, civility to accommodate the "needs" of everyone, let alone the "wants" of everyone. At least their perceived needs and wants.

When I was a single man, raised as an Army brat and fresh out of the Army becoming an adult amid a very anti-government, anti-military/police society I helped a friend out with a garage sale at her parents home. They were borderline libs and were certainly affluent in a lot of ways.

There were a lot of "hippies", "peace loving folks", "gypsies" who quite frankly made a living off of other folks generosity and they loved going to garage sales. I was asked by my friend's parents to bring something to the "garage sale" to contribute so I did. Several days in advance I put out signs throughout the surrounding neighborhoods that led to the garage sale. The signs included the words "Free Stuff" on them. Before the sale started I went to every store in town that I knew was hiring, gathered five job applications from each place and brought those to the garage sale. I also bought a huge bag of old fashioned suckers, made a sign and set up a separate table away from the main tables.

The sign said "free stuff" and was taped to a typical 1960's-70's folding card table (that I still have). I put all of the applications on the table in separate piles, each identified by the store and each store was most definitely in need of help.

I also put out a bowl filled with those old fashioned "suckers" .  I taped a sign saying "free suckers" to the bowl.

It was my little human experiment. Within the first hour the whole bag of suckers (three bowls worth) were gone. I kept the empty bowl with the "free suckers" sign on the table and folks were asking for more. I got all kinds of rude remarks when I told them I didn't have any more suckers.  By the end of the day only one application was taken and I found it later down in the ditch where everyone parked. Crumpled up and discarded like a used condom.

My moral of MY lesson? Free stuff begets beggars... Perhaps I expected too much.


ISIS's desperate moves during desperate times.

Note to ISIS, daesh. If you announce to the world you're going to destroy it then you'd better prepare yourself for your demise.

ISIS, daesh... they're failing.

And falling fast! Here's yet another desperate push by ISIS, daesh to kill as many people as they can, to make just one more "splash", "oomph" before they're reduced to the blubbering cowards they truly are.

This latest "push" is against the United States controlled Qayara air base just south of Mosul. As usual, they're slaughtering everyone and everything in their path. Women, children, journalists... innocents.

Since POTUS Donald J. Trump took command we've seen more progress against ISIS, daesh globally than we ever did in the past eight years, collectively.


Saturday, July 08, 2017

Lt. Colonel Allen West discusses North Korea!

As usual the Patriot, Lt. Colonel Allen West is spot on!!!

Here's the West/Breitbart news piece.

“We have to start thinking, do we want someone to get to a point where they have that capability? Because it’s a complete game-changer.”

It sure is!

If we continue down the path that the prior failed POTUS obama took us down we're going to do nothing more than enable our enemy to obtain and maintain even greater destructive capabilities. Including but not limited to nuclear weapons that they could and most likely would be used against us.


Win The Future!

A "New" movement.

Here's how to do it, from "24 Ahead"...

It's all about politics. Changing politics, making politics vulnerable, more accountable via modern technology and realistic human input.

So, let's start with the Democrat Party boil that's been growing on our arses over the past eight years at least.


Maxine Waters... what a piece of work!

NOT! She needs to retire and the mold of her needs to be thrown away so that mistake won't ever be made again.

Tucker Carlson destroys Maxine Waters.

Will someone please show this Waters thing the door.

She rags on Ben Carson for not knowing how the poor live yet she lives in a 4 plus million dollar mansion in a very upper white community in Californicatia. What a pathetic, two faced, hypocritical, evil bitch she is.

Carson grew up in poverty and climbed out of it by working, studying and making something of himself. He was and still is my preferred choice for POTUS simply because he is well rounded, grounded, intelligent and capable.

Unfortunately, he lost early in the primaries so I voted against the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi hillary clinton and her keeper's global agenda.

Waters is a fool. One who should never have been elected but being as she was, she now needs to retire.

TERM LIMITS!!! We need them! She's one of the poster children for it.


Friday, July 07, 2017

This global warming thing?

It's getting so warm out there that the icebreaker's can't keep up.

And yet another "failed experiment" by our global warming folks.

When are we ever going to learn that these folks are in it for themselves. Just ask Al Gore. Remember him, the man who "invented the internet"? Remember his "inconvenient truth" ruse? That inconvenient truth that will be followed up by a sequel ( An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power) later this month?

That Gore guy... he made a helluva lot of bucks off of those idiots who panicked and listened to him. Remember Gore's "carbon credit" scam? That was hilarious! He sold "carbon credits" to the liberal crowd much like carnival hucksters would sell tickets for 30 second rides or freak shows that included two headed snakes and fat ladies with hairy armpits.

Yeah, it's getting so warm out there that I just can't keep up with it anymore. But these hucksters... they're tenacious, this "global warming" crowd. Tenacious as all get out. 

So you have to give that to them. They're fun to watch and they're tenacious. But one thing we've learned from this "global warming" story is fiction sells. It sells well.


Build The Wall!

POTUS Donald J. Trump wants the wall built and wants Mexico to pay for it.

And why not?

Mexico's been sending their citizens up here for decades. Personally, I don't have a problem with that as long as those who are coming here apply for citizenship and earn their way as citizens of this country, not illegal aliens.

Those who come up here and are willing to work, those who travel to the United States with the intention of becoming a citizen are absolutely welcome. Those who are coming up here to peddle their drugs, groom and cultivate potential sex trade victims- Those who are coming here to rape, rob, pillage and plunder.... They need to be dealt with. Harshly, immediately. Prison time at least and then send the bill to their family in Mexico for what it cost to house their criminal relative in our prison. Demand the bill be "paid in full" before the prisoner is released. Ensure his or her debt to our society is paid before the individual is escorted to the border and sent home.

That's the least we could do in repayment for how our wayward citizens are treated in their country.


Germans being... Germans. That's what this is.

Or to put it even more appropriately, liberals being liberals. Intolerant, demanding, violent, shameful, whining liberals looking for attention from someone, somewhere about "whatever".

It's just the liberal way.

The G-20 summit couldn't have gone better for the bleeding heart libs.

They got all kinds of global attention they wouldn't normally have received if they weren't acting like the spoiled, pampered fools they truly are.

Global warming my ass!


Justice Antonin Scalia. Was his death a homicide?

Or was Justice Scalia's death just another "natural death"? 

Keep in mind the state of Texas requires autopsies be performed on all deaths, natural or otherwise. No autopsy was done. 

Justice Scalia was a very strong conservative serving as a Supreme Court Of The United States justice at the time of his death. He was perhaps the most conservative of all of the justices serving at the time and he still had a lot of life left in him when he allegedly died of "natural causes" in an unattended death at a recreational facility owned by a very wealthy liberal. 

Justice Scalia wasn't a "pushover" in the Supreme Court. He held his line and stood up to the attempted overreaches of many of his liberal, "fellow" justices over the years of his service. He was the voice of sanity, a "grounding" influence for an otherwise very liberal, nearly out of control court.

Hillary Clinton, a huge liberal and with a very long history of extensive, deep rooted socialist influence had thrown her "hat in the political ring" regarding the election of a new President Of The United States and had a huge financial and politico backing from her "constituents", the extreme left, global elite. 

America was for sale and the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton had the financial support to buy America. All she had to do was win the election. 

Justice Antonin Scalia was the sole guardian of the blue collar, conservative element in our government, our society and he had clout. Fantastic clout and a fantastic conservative mind. He also provided that sound conservative dissension when needed. Obama was still the sitting POTUS and was, quite frankly the lame duck. 

One of his remaining near "nuclear options" was to appoint another younger liberal to any vacant SCOTUS that might occur. The liberal appointment would give the SCOTUS a huge liberal lean unlike any we've experienced in the past and would have most likely paved the way for a repeal or extremely liberal review, interpretation of our Second Amendment rights, not to mention the myriad of other rights we have.

In essence, if a devout conservative was to be removed from the bench and replaced by a devout liberal then the global elite's liberal agenda would have little resistance from SCOTUS, if any at all.

Antonin Scalia died mysteriously while serving as a conservative SCOTUS Judge on an otherwise liberal court. Obama tried to replace him with a liberal nominee but failed. Hillary Clinton, one of the liberal elite lost the 2016 election for POTUS hands down. She was defeated soundly at the polls by our new POTUS Donald J. Trump and POTUS Trump appointed a stout conservative to the Supreme Court Of The United States to replace Justice Scalia. 

If you believe Antonin Scalia's death was a conspiracy then obviously, you're not alone.  

I have no doubt there will be more information coming out about Justice Scalia's death over the next several years. May Justice Scalia now rest in peace..

The Last Thirty Days of Islamic Peace

I borrowed this post from "The Religion of Peace", a site I watch, read and share.

The Past Thirty Days of Killing In The Name of Islam. The Religion of Peace!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Is this a coward's cry for a "jihad" in the United States of America?

Linda Sarsour Says Muslims Should Wage A Form Of ‘Jihad’ Against Trump

If so, bring it on bitch!

I don't care who this freak is. I don't want to know who this freak is. She needs to go back and be part of the sheik's harem that she got booted from. Either way, I just hope she's rounded up and shoved into a federal prison for the rest of her miserable life.

Or sent to some more accommodating group like, oh maybe the Kurds. They'd have a ball with her and her ilk. She'd be one helluva great pummeling target. 


Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Illegal Immigrants should NOT BE COMFORTABLE living in our countryI

So why are they here?! Remove them! Bus them to the border and send them on their way.

Remove them NOW!

If they come back, arrest them and imprison them.

If we decided to move to their country and take up residence the way they do here. If we decide to ignore their laws then we'd never be heard from again. There wouldn't be any second, third or more "chances" afforded to us by their government. We'd be imprisoned, our family would be milked of all of their money, material goods, etc. and we'd rot in jail in our "new" country.

I don't see why it's okay for the illegal "immigrants" to ignore our laws and insist we accommodate them and their every need yet, we can't pick up stakes and move to their native country with the same expectations.

Nah.... it's not the way it should be. They're too comfortable living here illegally and they feel emboldened by our reluctant, tepid, highly politicized enforcement of our country's immigration laws.


Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Burned alive!

These vermin, they're nothing more than animals. Predators killing just to kill. 

May Derrion Demarco Gray die via the same method he killed his victim.

An eye for an eye!


We're here to stay! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Land that we love!

Enjoy our nation's independence celebration! Have a safe and happy fourth of July!

We are and will remain the best nation on God's green Earth! Thanks to all who have helped get us  to where we are today. Those living and departed who served to secure our freedoms, served to preserve, protect our freedoms and those of us who continue to serve us in the preservation and protection of our freedoms!

May God continue to bless this mighty fine UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

Who coined "The Land Of The Free, The Home Of The Brave"?

...and when?

Ahhhh, that religion of peace!

"During the month of Ramadan alone, the world witnessed 160 Islamic attacks in 29 countries, in which 1627 people were murdered and 1824 injured. Nevertheless, the dual efforts to deny any links between Islamic terrorism and Islam on the one hand, and the efforts to accommodate Islam to the greatest extent possible on the other, seem to continue unaffected by the realities of Islamic terrorism..."

and in Australia...

It just keeps adding up. The carnage caused by islam, the "religion of peace" as they continue on their unending global quest to convert Christians and recruit others into their death cult.

It's a no brainer... die or convert or dhimmify. In their evil eyes and feeble minds there's no other choices for those of us who aren't muslims.

Us Christians, we obviously have a difference of opinion with the muzzies re: their recruiting methods, their cult's "values", "ideals". I for one intend on surviving and living this comfortable, natural, good, well earned Christian life I'm living to the end.

That cult of islam. It is NOT a religion, let alone a religion of PEACE! It's far from it.


Once again, thanks to the Gatestone Institute for their candid reporting.

Blacks won't celebrate our Independence Day?



Here's another great, wonderful United States of America INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!

If some folks don't want to celebrate our independence our nation's freedom then I'm good with that.

Though I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest to my black American friends, "if you're an American citizen and don't like us then leave," or stay and mumble or become the majority and change the way we do things. It's your call, your right if you're Americans. Go with it but expect resistance. A lot of it.

If you're not a citizen then it's a simple fix, this "I don't like America" thing. Leave. NOW! See there, it's a simple fix. this "hate" America and all it stands for thing.

The solutions are simple. The paths to two of the three solutions are difficult at best which means the easiest suggested fix just might be the best solution. LEAVE. NOW!

Either way, if you don't like things the way they are then work peacefully to change them. If you can't change them then you're one of the minority... don't give up, accept the fact that you're of the majority and work peacefully to change things or leave.

Just don't tread on my or my fellow citizens rights. Our rights are not for sale, not to be diminished.


Monday, July 03, 2017

Identical GPAs... they both share the award. End of story.

It's a great accomplishment for both and it SHOULD BE SHARED! But I guess in today's apologist world that ain't going to happen. 

So the Black Valedictorian sues...

Jasmine Shepard and her family sue the school district and the school for having to share the school's Valedictorian award with a white girl who just happened to have the same accomplishments AND GPA!

I guess that's the latest source of income for those who feel they've been subjected to prejudicial treatment. They sue. It's the latest fad... it's what's done these days. 

If you can't work, don't want to work, have no inclination to work...  if you feel entitled or have no talent, no abilities, nothing other than being a certain gender or a having a particular sexual preference, or are of any particular ethnicity or belong to a certain religion and so on then I guess your only course of action is to sue someone, some entity for a living. Become the victim... not the cure, not the fix. 

After all, there's going to be some attorney out there somewhere who's more than willing to make a lawsuit out of nothing so he or she can sponge some money, MOST of the money from the subsequent award that just might be dished out these days. 

It's a given... there's no such thing as justice or frivolous lawsuits these days. We've become a nation of hosts and parasites.

More parasites than hosts it seems.

Ahhhh, those misunderstood "African Immigrants".

The world just doesn't seem to understand them but Sweden does, or so they think...

...until the African Immigrants rub their exposed genitals against young Swedish women and girls.

Especially the multi-enablers of Europe like those folks found in Sweden. The Swedes, those who opened their arms and their homes to the invasion of these animals. Now they can't quite grasp the fact that these "African immigrants" aren't as innocent or as needy as their government told them they were.

Maybe the "needy and innocent" was more related to the need for sex from innocent women and children by these vermin.

Sweden, you reap what you sow. Stand up to your government and refuse to allow this to continue.


That POSPOTUS obama still thinks he's president.

He never really was. 

So why is he meeting with other national leaders regarding our global policies? Is it the makings of a "Shadow Government"?

A modern day Trojan Horse!

He was elected President Of The United States (POTUS) twice! He had eight years to try to destroy our nation and failed. He failed as our POTUS. When he left office our division was beyond compare. Those of us who are conservatives were despised by those who weren't. Our loyalty to our nation was at the lowest point in my 64 years of life and the angst, the racial and religious divide was incomparable.

And now he's spreading his assigned, designed hatred for our nation globally. He's known to us as barack hussein obama, the recently departed failed POTUS. Thank the dear Lord we ended that nightmare when we did.

Being the true coward that FAILED POSPOTUS obama is, he warns us from afar to tone down our patriotism!

He hasn't and won't tell us to "tone" our patriotism down to our faces, as a united nation. Nope, he's too much of a coward to do that. Failure is quite often the product of cowards.

By now I'm sure Barry realizes he's failed the global elite, those who created him.... his handlers. BIG TIME!!! They're not shy about sharing their disappointment with folks when the folks they nurture and groom to succeed fail them. Let's not forget, big money was spent to get Barry elected on their behalf, not ours. In the end Barry failed to accomplish their global goals in the eight years he had to do it. He even failed to usher in the next shill of the same global elite, that shill being the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton... another failed, pathetic attempt to bring the United States of America to our knees.

Now it appears ol' Barry has been appointed to be a world ambassador of the global elite liberals. His sole purpose seems to be the continuance of their efforts of destroying the image, the integrity, the very purpose of the United States of America globally.

Barry's doing his best to accomplish this task at hand, being as he had eight years to do it and failed the first time around. This time? It's a little more urgent, more pressing for him, for them. Failure this time could be lights out for Barry, politically... as something, someone of influence.

No, this barack hussein obama guy, he is not our friend. Don't think for a fleeting moment he is our friend or ever was our friend. He harbors no allegiance, no patriotism to or for our nation, our heritage, our unity, our freedoms. He never has, he never will. He's been on an assigned mission since he was born and though he's accomplished a lot via the pampered pipeline he was raised in he's failed, so far.

Taqiyya is an accepted practice considering how he was raised, where he comes from. He was groomed to be what he is today and he's still being groomed, "corrected", re-assigned. He's had several decades to practice what was preached to him and has had the best, the most influential self serving handlers help him perfect it. His life was and still is a "silver spoon", pampered life.

The bottom line? Barry was and still is the product of a liberal, global elitist experiment who was cultured, raised in a "petri dish" for humans. An experiment, a cultured life for the sole purpose of perfecting the propaganda, the ultimate acceptance of socialism, communism... liberalism globally.

Barry was handed off to the global elites as a child, given his mission in life by his handlers and subsequently failed that mission. This knee jerk comment of Barry's while he's out on his little, all expenses paid world tour is nothing more than the typical rhetoric he tossed around when he was wasting our time "serving" as the failed POTUS he is.

So far.

But his golf game must have improved.


Sunday, July 02, 2017

Dead People Have A Right To Vote Too!

If they're democrats or liberals. Or even RINOs.

Just ask Andrew Spieles. He signed up a bunch of Virginia's departed souls for the Demoncrats during this last election, at least.

Hey no harm, no foul! Right? Voter fraud's illegal but you only get time if you're stupid enough to get caught. Spieles was stupid enough to get caught. He pled guilty. He'll be out in a hundred or so days and will be a bit wiser by the time the next election comes around. Or not. He is a lib after all. These new libs, they're a bit thick skulled and are definitely more "in your face" self serving than the old, sneaky bastards were so that just might not equate to "lesson learned".

I do believe he'll be back though. Greed, lust for power, authority... it will fuel his and other liberal's greed. It always does. The registering of dead or alive "voters" will most likely go much smoother the next time around for him. He's taken a hit for "the team".

The liberals, democrats and many republicans will tend to his needs.


Is the Democrat Party doomed?

Well, lately they've made blithering fools of themselves. They showed their hand early and now they can't win the game, or so it seems. The Democrats, the liberals have blatantly demonstrated they're NOT our ally in this journey we're taking as a united United States of America. They've demonstrated they'd be better served if we, the citizens of this mighty fine country would just shut up, get out of their way and let them do what they thinks best for them, the democrats and in particular the liberals... collectively, globally.

Given that, Here's Julian Assange's take on "Why The Democrat Party Is Doomed"

Like it or not I think Assange has some valid points here. I have to admit it's an interesting take, the Assange piece.

Assange makes it about us, he makes it about the voters who refused the liberal agenda. He makes his piece about the democrats. When I read it, "the dog chasing it's tail" seemed to come to mind. Those democrats, scratch that... all of the global politicos... they're looking for some recognition, some authority, some "progress" relating to their global agenda(s) and for now, the vote of the people keeps getting in their way.

How dare us! How dare us to vote our conscience, our choice!

Get over it libs, politicos. We had a rebellion at the ballot box.


Central Europe's been through this "INVASION" thing before.

Many times. And it didn't fare well for them back then.

What would make the "elite members" of the European "Union" think the invasion of Europe by daesh, islam, muslims... that the demands of the European "Union" elite members to Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slavakia, etc. insisting they take on more muslims would turn out any better than when Hitler or the Ottoman's "liberated" them in the past?!

I don't think the dissenting countries will fall for it this time around.

Regardless of what the European Union elite prefers and demands.

"Irresponsibility is the mark of every European politician who holds out the promise of a better life to immigrants and encourages them to leave everything behind and risk their lives in setting out for Europe. If Europe does not return to the path of common sense, it will find itself laid low in a battle for its fate...." -Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a speech responding to the European Union elites demands.

One only needs to turn their attention to France, Italy and Germany at least, to see how failed the "middle east immigrant" situation is. There's no hint of assimilation by those who migrated to the European Union "host" countries for middle east immigrants. In particular, muslims.

No sense of assimilation what-so-ever.

Those European Union "holdout" nations? I'm thinking they're seeing the light of day regarding this bogus "immigration" movement and BRAVO to them for standing their ground!


Saturday, July 01, 2017

Even the victim of the "Hate Crime" says it wasn't a hate crime.

The muslim woman who was attacked simply for being a muslim by an unknown hispanic male while she was walking home from her mosque? The poor woman who became the poster child for the "anti-muslim" rhetoric that we're all being accused of harboring in our grand old U. S. of A. thanks to a very creative, active press pool?

Yeah, THAT poor, defenseless muslim woman!

Well, it seems someone failed to mention that she wasn't attacked because she was a muslim. But it sounded good, it sold air time, newspapers so the press ran with the whole "anti-muslim" excuse anyways. Even when the victim claims the attack on her was unrelated to her being a muslim.

Her attorney wants it to be related to the fact that she is a muslim. He wants it to be the reason for the attack against her so bad that he's willing to discredit her statements (yes, statements... as in more than one) where she claimed to the investigators that her being a muslim wasn't the reason for the attack against her.

Yet, the press ran with what her attorney gave them rather than what she told the police. The anti-muslim claim fit the attorney's and the islamic community's agendas much better than the real reason so they ran to the press with it and the press? Well, they ran with it too. It sounded "better" to them. It must have... they elected to run with fiction over fact. But then again, this is our modern press.

The victim? She knew and still knows the real reason she was attacked. It's the same reason she told the investigators the day of and several times after the attack. She's not having any part of it being an anti muslim thing.

She told the investigators several times that she wasn't attacked because she's a muslim. She even provided multiple statements claiming the attack had nothing to do with her being a muslim. She believed it had everything to do with her refusal to accept the fact that her daughter entered into a lesbian relationship. A shitrea crime that's wholly against the cult of islam's "beliefs" a shitrea crime that is punishable by death. Most likely stoning.

Nope, the victim claims it WAS NOT A HATE CRIME in spite of what her muslim attorney, Munjed Ahmad, a board member for American muslims for Palestine with connections to Hamas has told her to say, or so it seems.

She doesn't seem to want to follow the script she was given by her muslim attorney.

It wasn't a hate crime. It was most likely an assault related to a domestic issue between her daughter, her son in law and her. And the press and the "attorney" want us to believe otherwise so they can continue to feed their agendas. 


"Another month of islam and multicultralism in Britain"...

A great read provided by Soeren Kern and posted on the Gatestone Institute's site.

What did it islam, daesh bring to Britain?  I don't know, let's look at the latest Gatestone Institute's monthly progress report to understand what Britain's muslim and multicultural influence for May, 2017 might have included...

It's pretty revealing!

It appears to me at least that the fears associated with failing to appease the cult of islam in Britain  has elevated to new levels amongst the Brits...