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Sunday, July 09, 2017

This Noise Suppressor On Firearms Makes Total Sense To Me...

 I've been shooting guns since the Good Lord know when. I've been wearing inadequate ear protection over the same period of time. Noise suppressors on guns would have prevented the bulk of my hearing loss over time. Granted some of the gun noises couldn't be all that well planned in advance, hence... no ear protection but when we've been shooting all of our lives those ears, that hearing is going to dim over the years.

But suppressors? Yeah. They'd have made a difference for sure.

My good friend Dan from Montana sent me this link. I've been following proposed legislation throughout the United States regarding suppressors on firearms and am wholly in favor of using them (suppressors AND firearms).

It's just common sense to suppress the noise.

There's absolutely nothing to suggest that suppressed firearms are more dangerous or nefarious than non suppressed firearms. Nothing at all. 

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