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Monday, July 10, 2017

This is what makes Law Enforcement interesting and rewarding...

I've been on these types of incidents. They break up an otherwise dull-assed shift.

It's probably just another dull night in Burlington, Vermont but it gets livened up a bit for a couple of police officers out on patrol. They find a vehicle parked in an open business' parking lot late at night. There were obviously multiple occupants in the vehicle who appeared to be passed out or otherwise incapacitated. Sergeant Nguyen and another officer conducted a welfare check on the inside of the vehicle and was successful in waking at least one of them up. He begins to ask that particular individual some questions re: their well being, their purpose for sleeping in the running vehicle parked in the business parking lot and overall was just trying to determine the status of the individuals, their sobriety, etc.

One of the occupants, Logan Huysman (18 yoa) decides she's had enough of the officers doing their job and assaults Sergeant Nguyen at least. Bottom line? She gets arrested.

Prior to arresting her Sergeant Nguyen notified Logan Huysman's father by phone and requested that he travel to the scene to take custody of his daughter, Logan Huysman. Huysman's father agreed to meet the officers at the location so he could take Logan home. In the meantime little Logan, the foul mouthed, vile, despicable little puke decided she was going to kick, hit and scream at the two officers, forcing them to subsequently arrest her for assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, at least.

She ruined her good high with her friends and has one helluva story to tell the judge. Especially after she "officially" claimed the officer(s) sexually assaulted her even though the whole incident was captured on Sgt. Nguyen's body cam.

When you're a cop it's incidents like these that makes a graveyard shift go by faster. Especially when there's spoiled "kids" like Logan Huysman running around in the world.

Here's the bodycam footage of the entire incident.

Seems ol' Logan's got some 'splainin' to do. Starting with her allegations of sexual assault. Looking at her I couldn't see any possibility of that ever happening unless she was the assailant.

BRAVO OFFICERS! You did a fantastic job. Thank you for doing your duty and beyond!


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