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Monday, July 03, 2017

Identical GPAs... they both share the award. End of story.

It's a great accomplishment for both and it SHOULD BE SHARED! But I guess in today's apologist world that ain't going to happen. 

So the Black Valedictorian sues...

Jasmine Shepard and her family sue the school district and the school for having to share the school's Valedictorian award with a white girl who just happened to have the same accomplishments AND GPA!

I guess that's the latest source of income for those who feel they've been subjected to prejudicial treatment. They sue. It's the latest fad... it's what's done these days. 

If you can't work, don't want to work, have no inclination to work...  if you feel entitled or have no talent, no abilities, nothing other than being a certain gender or a having a particular sexual preference, or are of any particular ethnicity or belong to a certain religion and so on then I guess your only course of action is to sue someone, some entity for a living. Become the victim... not the cure, not the fix. 

After all, there's going to be some attorney out there somewhere who's more than willing to make a lawsuit out of nothing so he or she can sponge some money, MOST of the money from the subsequent award that just might be dished out these days. 

It's a given... there's no such thing as justice or frivolous lawsuits these days. We've become a nation of hosts and parasites.

More parasites than hosts it seems.

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