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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Illegal Immigrants should NOT BE COMFORTABLE living in our countryI

So why are they here?! Remove them! Bus them to the border and send them on their way.

Remove them NOW!

If they come back, arrest them and imprison them.

If we decided to move to their country and take up residence the way they do here. If we decide to ignore their laws then we'd never be heard from again. There wouldn't be any second, third or more "chances" afforded to us by their government. We'd be imprisoned, our family would be milked of all of their money, material goods, etc. and we'd rot in jail in our "new" country.

I don't see why it's okay for the illegal "immigrants" to ignore our laws and insist we accommodate them and their every need yet, we can't pick up stakes and move to their native country with the same expectations.

Nah.... it's not the way it should be. They're too comfortable living here illegally and they feel emboldened by our reluctant, tepid, highly politicized enforcement of our country's immigration laws.


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