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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Who Killed Seth Rich?!

It's been a year and we still aren't any closer to finding out who killed him.

Question to the Democrat National Committee... Who killed Seth Rich?

I suggest folks start focusing on John Podesta. Ask him some pretty specific questions and hold his feet to the fire for awhile. I'll bet if he thinks his fragile, little bubble of affluence and influence gets burst he'll roll like a three dollar thief.

Either way it all ties back to the democrat party way of doing things, of eliminating things that might be a problem later on down the road. A life is nothing of value when it's the only thing standing between influence, affluence and power or failure.

I believe Rich's life was snuffed in favor of feeding the demoncrat greed.

Just my opinion.

1 comment:

Dan T. said...

If history is any clue, we might be seeing a “heart attack” or possibly a slip in the bath one day. Powerful people that are close to, but not at the top, often have these kinds of accidents. They make many enemies by killing the wrong people, or becoming of little use or worse, a “problem.” We all know that Soros is just a wee bit higher on the ladder than this woman. Just like the commission and other groups involved in crime, the controlling groups are looking at the Clinton cabal as of little use and to much of a threat now that they don’t hold power to grant favors.
Now of course, I would never say this, just some musings late at night.

A few things to remind one of what is roaming in this empty space tween my ears.

Albert Anastasia performed many killings for the “head men” or commission. When he got to dangerous and of no use, the shadow leaders had him eliminated.

Carmine Galante After running a heroin business (and ordering many deaths, including members of his own crime family) was wanting to retire. Once the head guys, or “commission” found out that he had recruited a number of men from Italy without their knowledge and was going to continue running heroin after retiring, (for his own pockets without sharing) he met a nice and quick demise after lunch.

Johnny Torrio had his boss Jim Colosimo, killed in Chicago, but Torrio himself was shot and almost murdered afterwards and forced to leave the business. (HE was a lucky one)

Dutch Schultz, a well known mafia boss and murderer, was going to assassinate special prosecutor Thomas Dewey. The “commission” led by Lucky Luciano decided to have Shultz taken