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Saturday, July 22, 2017

This Clinton "pay to play" scheme just keeps unraveling!

Here's the latest from Judicial Watch.org's relentless pursuit for justice.

From the Clinton presidency to the Clinton State Department, including Obama's out of control presidency we've nearly been had, as a nation of laws. There's so much going on globally that's designed to benefit the elite, the politicos, those whose greed comes first. The Clintons overt sellout of our freedoms, our integrity, our honor, our very culture as a nation simply for the benefit of "the elite" isjust a drop in the proverbial bucket. Global politics is nothing more than a global club of the rich, the wealthy, those who believe they have the power to take what they want, do what they desire and have us cater to them. Their ultimate design, their goal is to sell us out, our rights, our laws, our very existence as anything other than expendable subjects.

These politicos, they're not our friends.


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