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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Dead People Have A Right To Vote Too!

If they're democrats or liberals. Or even RINOs.

Just ask Andrew Spieles. He signed up a bunch of Virginia's departed souls for the Demoncrats during this last election, at least.

Hey no harm, no foul! Right? Voter fraud's illegal but you only get time if you're stupid enough to get caught. Spieles was stupid enough to get caught. He pled guilty. He'll be out in a hundred or so days and will be a bit wiser by the time the next election comes around. Or not. He is a lib after all. These new libs, they're a bit thick skulled and are definitely more "in your face" self serving than the old, sneaky bastards were so that just might not equate to "lesson learned".

I do believe he'll be back though. Greed, lust for power, authority... it will fuel his and other liberal's greed. It always does. The registering of dead or alive "voters" will most likely go much smoother the next time around for him. He's taken a hit for "the team".

The liberals, democrats and many republicans will tend to his needs.


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