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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Maxine Waters... what a piece of work!

NOT! She needs to retire and the mold of her needs to be thrown away so that mistake won't ever be made again.

Tucker Carlson destroys Maxine Waters.

Will someone please show this Waters thing the door.

She rags on Ben Carson for not knowing how the poor live yet she lives in a 4 plus million dollar mansion in a very upper white community in Californicatia. What a pathetic, two faced, hypocritical, evil bitch she is.

Carson grew up in poverty and climbed out of it by working, studying and making something of himself. He was and still is my preferred choice for POTUS simply because he is well rounded, grounded, intelligent and capable.

Unfortunately, he lost early in the primaries so I voted against the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi hillary clinton and her keeper's global agenda.

Waters is a fool. One who should never have been elected but being as she was, she now needs to retire.

TERM LIMITS!!! We need them! She's one of the poster children for it.


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