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Sunday, July 23, 2017

ICE likes what it's being told.

ICE was hobbled, hog tied, cuffed and quite frankly their duties were gutted over the past eight years. Their morale was in the dumps and their performance was, well... lacking.

By design, not by fault of their own. By executive design.

Now it appears ICE has new marching orders from the Trump administration. They're no longer going to have to look the other way when our borders laws are being violated nor are they going to have to nursemaid or babysit those who are invading our country.

And ICE is okay with that...

Quite frankly, ICE loves it's new direction. Going back to the way things should have been done in the first place, until obama came along and screwed things up.

Maybe we can get some border enforcement again. I know Mexico has it, I know Canada has it... why can't we enforce ours?

Oh wait. We can now. obummer's gone and the democrats are no longer in control.


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