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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Our POTUS Donald J Trump's government is trusted more than...

...the press. Globally AND nationally.

And we have every reason to trust him and his government.

Over that failed global "press". ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Al-Jazeera News, FOX... all of them. All of the television, radio networks and all of the published pieces are blatantly biased and globally cater to their or their "handlers" own agendas.

No one seems to report the "news" anymore.  Liberal slants are heavily published by liberal "news" sources, conservative slants are heavily published by conservative news sources. There is no real news these days. Albeit might be informative it's definitely not "neutral", "unbiased".

Personally I trust our POTUS Trump's cabinet's information, progress reports far more than what I see, read or hear via the extremely biased local, national and global press. 

We get what they pay for I guess. 


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