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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Is the Democrat Party doomed?

Well, lately they've made blithering fools of themselves. They showed their hand early and now they can't win the game, or so it seems. The Democrats, the liberals have blatantly demonstrated they're NOT our ally in this journey we're taking as a united United States of America. They've demonstrated they'd be better served if we, the citizens of this mighty fine country would just shut up, get out of their way and let them do what they thinks best for them, the democrats and in particular the liberals... collectively, globally.

Given that, Here's Julian Assange's take on "Why The Democrat Party Is Doomed"

Like it or not I think Assange has some valid points here. I have to admit it's an interesting take, the Assange piece.

Assange makes it about us, he makes it about the voters who refused the liberal agenda. He makes his piece about the democrats. When I read it, "the dog chasing it's tail" seemed to come to mind. Those democrats, scratch that... all of the global politicos... they're looking for some recognition, some authority, some "progress" relating to their global agenda(s) and for now, the vote of the people keeps getting in their way.

How dare us! How dare us to vote our conscience, our choice!

Get over it libs, politicos. We had a rebellion at the ballot box.


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