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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gutierrez, the squawking head.

He wants to eliminate our freely elected by the people, POTUS Donald J. Trump because POTUS Trump is trying to protect us, American Citizens.

And Gutierrez doesn't seem to care how it happens

This is like something out of the LaRaza playbook. This Gutierrez fool is a coward at best, a traitor at heart. He's advocated the overthrow of a duly elected POTUS. I guarantee you  true Americans will not benefit from what this freak proposes. But those who come into this country seeking free this, free that, "give me give me, give me" will certainly stand to gain at our "taxpayers" expense. We'd be a third world country within a decade. We're struggling to prevent that now. Why would we want more of it?

Nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it and I'm pretty dad-gummed sure those freeloading Gutierrez folks won't be the ones who will pay for it. We, the worker bees, those of us who are and have put in our time in the workforce, worked for decades to establish a retirement, paid our way... it will be those of us who will have to carry the burden for those who don't want to work, don't want to participate... those who only want to live here, get free stuff and complain.

I guess this Gutierrez idiot is yet another Illinois demoncrat who thinks our POTUS "Donald J Trump is a major criminal who must be peacefully eliminated and brought to his knees after demoncrats take back the House of Representatives and begin "the impeachment process".

Typical left winged strategy. If you don't like what you hear, what you're seeing then you need to say "screw the people" and cause enough angst to get someone, somewhere to take action. Action that Gutierrez won't take himself because he's all b.s. and no spine.

Gutierrez represents one of the most screwed up states in our union. He's been voted in by bleeding heart libs and quite frankly represents their anti-American attitudes very well.

America had a fair, unbiased election for POTUS and Donald J. Trump won that election. The left, folks like this Gutierrez idiot seem to think that though they're the obvious minority they have a right to what they want, not what the majority of the country wants. So I guess we have to acquiesce, move aside and give them their "free stuff".

Go to hell Gutierrez, go to hell! The people of this fine country have voted and you didn't get your way. Get over it!




Dan T. said...

If this little putz succeeded in dismantling the government that was duly elected, he and the rest of the slugs living on the taxpayers money. If he did happen to succeed their goal, the conservative side would reinstall the legitimate government in a heart beat. If they failed to do that, those tiny sectors that have enough liberals would be quickly quarantined and starved out. (Actually, not liberals, but rampant socialists and anarchists) Actually, through that quarantine, those same people in the radical areas would help us by reducing their own numbers in riots, drug use and murders trying to get food and drugs. Hell, you know they have no idea on how to aquire food without Unka Sammy spoon feeding them.

ttueoop said...

As usual, spot on Dan!