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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Reconquista... the "Mexicans" want Southwest USA back.

58% of "Mexicans" believe the Southwest United States of America belongs to Mexico. They don't believe they have to ask for our country's permission to cross the border and wander aimlessly through our country. In short they want utopia for them, nothing for the rest of us. It is not a reciprocal option from their points of view.

The reconquista poll from 24ahead.com

What the "Mexicans" fail to realize is that they're not the indigenous group in Mexico either. They're as much or more of a mixed breed than most Americans are. Sooo, given their logic they wouldn't need passports or visas to enter Spain, Portugal, England, France, etc. either. I mean, after all many of them are "mixed" breeds with those folks as well.

Bottom line? If they can cross without visas, permission then so can we. But frankly I'd rather leave it the way it is. Get a visa, a passport... do it legally when you enter the United States of America. That includes New Mexico, Arizona, California, Texas and all points north, south, east and west.

I no longer have a desire to leave this mighty fine United States of America for pleasure OR for business. So, I won't be affected.

But I can understand why they want to come here...


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