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Monday, July 03, 2017

A modern day Trojan Horse!

He was elected President Of The United States (POTUS) twice! He had eight years to try to destroy our nation and failed. He failed as our POTUS. When he left office our division was beyond compare. Those of us who are conservatives were despised by those who weren't. Our loyalty to our nation was at the lowest point in my 64 years of life and the angst, the racial and religious divide was incomparable.

And now he's spreading his assigned, designed hatred for our nation globally. He's known to us as barack hussein obama, the recently departed failed POTUS. Thank the dear Lord we ended that nightmare when we did.

Being the true coward that FAILED POSPOTUS obama is, he warns us from afar to tone down our patriotism!

He hasn't and won't tell us to "tone" our patriotism down to our faces, as a united nation. Nope, he's too much of a coward to do that. Failure is quite often the product of cowards.

By now I'm sure Barry realizes he's failed the global elite, those who created him.... his handlers. BIG TIME!!! They're not shy about sharing their disappointment with folks when the folks they nurture and groom to succeed fail them. Let's not forget, big money was spent to get Barry elected on their behalf, not ours. In the end Barry failed to accomplish their global goals in the eight years he had to do it. He even failed to usher in the next shill of the same global elite, that shill being the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton... another failed, pathetic attempt to bring the United States of America to our knees.

Now it appears ol' Barry has been appointed to be a world ambassador of the global elite liberals. His sole purpose seems to be the continuance of their efforts of destroying the image, the integrity, the very purpose of the United States of America globally.

Barry's doing his best to accomplish this task at hand, being as he had eight years to do it and failed the first time around. This time? It's a little more urgent, more pressing for him, for them. Failure this time could be lights out for Barry, politically... as something, someone of influence.

No, this barack hussein obama guy, he is not our friend. Don't think for a fleeting moment he is our friend or ever was our friend. He harbors no allegiance, no patriotism to or for our nation, our heritage, our unity, our freedoms. He never has, he never will. He's been on an assigned mission since he was born and though he's accomplished a lot via the pampered pipeline he was raised in he's failed, so far.

Taqiyya is an accepted practice considering how he was raised, where he comes from. He was groomed to be what he is today and he's still being groomed, "corrected", re-assigned. He's had several decades to practice what was preached to him and has had the best, the most influential self serving handlers help him perfect it. His life was and still is a "silver spoon", pampered life.

The bottom line? Barry was and still is the product of a liberal, global elitist experiment who was cultured, raised in a "petri dish" for humans. An experiment, a cultured life for the sole purpose of perfecting the propaganda, the ultimate acceptance of socialism, communism... liberalism globally.

Barry was handed off to the global elites as a child, given his mission in life by his handlers and subsequently failed that mission. This knee jerk comment of Barry's while he's out on his little, all expenses paid world tour is nothing more than the typical rhetoric he tossed around when he was wasting our time "serving" as the failed POTUS he is.

So far.

But his golf game must have improved.


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