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Saturday, January 26, 2013

She’s Buried Chest High!

The following is a video narrated by a very moving, very revealing, very well written and shared poem and a video.

Such a powerful poem! Such a powerful video! Go to this link! She's Buried Chest High fosters so much disgust, so much angst in me when I watch it, listen to it. If this link doesn't work copy and paste this url into your url window ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOIbgd5qcrg&feature=youtu.be... It does open via the copy/paste. It's a "must watch". For some reason I can't seem to make the link via html code on Blogspot. Wonder why!

Either way, copy and paste the url into your browser's url window and watch it! I dare you!

These fanatics call themselves children of God?! God has no part of this! No, this is truly the part of the evil, of satan, the arch angel, the master of deception! This video helps to epitomize the true “religion of peace” bullshit in action!

mooslums, muslims… whatever you want to call yourselves. You are not following God, you are following this allah dude and his pedophile prophet, moohamud. They are nothing close to any God I’ve ever read about, studied, witnessed in my lifetime. Your "god", your "prophet" and their followers, YOU if you're a mooslum... you (if you willingly practice this b.s.) and they truly are products of the anti-Christ, truly are the product of evil.

That being said we know why you're here. The time is near... bring it on!

Islum, a bunch of disgustingly spineless evil vermin hooligans trying to justify their pathetic existence under the veil of “religion”.

It's my duty to inform you (if you're a muslum, or even a wannabe muslum)Islum is not a religion! It’s a plague, a disease! An evil blight brought upon this earth, our world! Your whole theme is to want, take, torture, maim, dismember... KILL! Your "Religion of Peace" is a farce!

Watch the video and tell me differently!

Here's a couple more videos of members of this so called "religion" (read CULT) practicing their "gods" teachings!

Stoned for adultery

...and another one! shot for adultery

...and another one! Flogged for fleeing their husbands

...and this pending death sentence! Sentenced to death for slighting the pig... errr prophet muhammud!

...and these public floggings! flogged for who knows what!

...and burned alive! ...burned because they're Christians!

And many, many, many more!

Such a vile, evil cult... this islum thing.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is It Time To Resist?

Our nation as we know it, as we knew it. Is it under siege? Are we just waiting for the other shoe to fall?

obummer and his cronies have this country in more turmoil than I have ever seen in my 60 years of life. I grew up in a military family loyal to the flag, the country, the cause! I enlisted in the Army 3 days after graduating from high school. We were at war and my country needed me so I enlisted.

Since 1975 I have served and am still serving my community in Law Enforcement. I'm intimately familiar with the concept of "harm's way" and view my weapons (personal and government issued) as professional and personal tools of freedom, of peace.

I'm not all that fond of the direction we're heading as a nation and I sure don't trust the current regime's empty promises. There's no doubt in my mind we're being groomed for a more humble, more submissive role in world leadership. I truly believe this latest pack of politicos who're ruining our country are hell bent on bringing us to our knees... call it atonement, call it whatever but they're of the belief we need to suffer, to apologize to the rest of the world for our freedoms, our successes we've enjoyed over the many decades of industrial and financial growth. It's my belief these politicos, both sides of the aisle, are sharing a shame of sorts for our progress made over the decades of prosperity we've enjoyed as a country, as a nation of free thinkers, workers, doers...

I'm not ashamed, I'm not atoning. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Neither should you, neither do you! We achieve and this group of politicos cry foul?!

Folks, this country as we know it is in harm's way!

What's in store for us? Who knows!

I have no doubt we'll be finding out pretty soon.

The following is some information that was "tweeted" to me today. I thought I'd share it here. Has it come to this? I hope not!

Plan to Resist

By: Craig Bowden January 6, 2013

We are at a critical moment in our nation’s history. The elitists in Washington DC appear they are moving to take away our right to keep and bear arms in direct violation of our second amendment rights.

As such, if legislation is passed it is your right to lawfully resist any attempt to confiscate your arms.

I have come up with a basic plan to hopefully combat this situation and I beg you to please listen to what I have to say.

1. Currently, it is only proposed at this stage. No legislation has been passed. As such, I need everyone who reads this to buy ammo and guns. Also, start training steadily to ensure your accuracy.

2. Since nothing is up for vote quite yet I need each and every one of you to contact your Congressman and Senators every single day until they get the hint.

Email them every day and call once a week. Do not let up the pressure. 3. Sign this petition (also sends an email to your representatives). petition

4. If legislation is passed we must push out state Attorney Generals to sue the federal government so it can be heard before the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. If they won’t listen to you push gun rights groups to sue.

5. DO NOT TURN IN OR REGISTER YOUR WEAPONS. Make them come for them. And keep them stored in different locations.

6. If they do come for you and your weapons do not allow them in your home. It is unconstitutional for them to be there.

7. Video record any attempt to arrest you.

8. I am calling everyone to network with friends and family to create phone trees. Texting 2A to a family member or friend is their signal to call everyone to head to your home to witness, photograph and video everything.

9. Once the media has been taken, upload it immediately. On twitter use the hash tag #2Aalert to notify all in the patriot network.

10. Send to all media outlets possible. Local, as well as independent.

11. Protest in front of court houses, police stations, etc. if anyone you know is unconstitutionally detained.

This is a basic outline of how we will resist. Email any stories to me at Craig_Bowden2020@hotmail.com.

And please forward this to everyone!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013



Check it out for yourself! This stuff can't be made up!

If you had any doubt you shouldn't anymore. This POSPOTUS obummer fool is perpetuating a fraud on all of us and we're allowing it to happen. He's smug, aloof, self serving, narcisstic as hell and doesn't give a damn about what we think. He's been illegally "elected" to the position of President Of The United States. It becomes evident more with each passing day.

We're being being played the fools... stripped of our freedoms, our rights daily!