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Saturday, January 26, 2013

She’s Buried Chest High!

The following is a video narrated by a very moving, very revealing, very well written and shared poem and a video.

Such a powerful poem! Such a powerful video! Go to this link! She's Buried Chest High fosters so much disgust, so much angst in me when I watch it, listen to it. If this link doesn't work copy and paste this url into your url window ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOIbgd5qcrg&feature=youtu.be... It does open via the copy/paste. It's a "must watch". For some reason I can't seem to make the link via html code on Blogspot. Wonder why!

Either way, copy and paste the url into your browser's url window and watch it! I dare you!

These fanatics call themselves children of God?! God has no part of this! No, this is truly the part of the evil, of satan, the arch angel, the master of deception! This video helps to epitomize the true “religion of peace” bullshit in action!

mooslums, muslims… whatever you want to call yourselves. You are not following God, you are following this allah dude and his pedophile prophet, moohamud. They are nothing close to any God I’ve ever read about, studied, witnessed in my lifetime. Your "god", your "prophet" and their followers, YOU if you're a mooslum... you (if you willingly practice this b.s.) and they truly are products of the anti-Christ, truly are the product of evil.

That being said we know why you're here. The time is near... bring it on!

Islum, a bunch of disgustingly spineless evil vermin hooligans trying to justify their pathetic existence under the veil of “religion”.

It's my duty to inform you (if you're a muslum, or even a wannabe muslum)Islum is not a religion! It’s a plague, a disease! An evil blight brought upon this earth, our world! Your whole theme is to want, take, torture, maim, dismember... KILL! Your "Religion of Peace" is a farce!

Watch the video and tell me differently!

Here's a couple more videos of members of this so called "religion" (read CULT) practicing their "gods" teachings!

Stoned for adultery

...and another one! shot for adultery

...and another one! Flogged for fleeing their husbands

...and this pending death sentence! Sentenced to death for slighting the pig... errr prophet muhammud!

...and these public floggings! flogged for who knows what!

...and burned alive! ...burned because they're Christians!

And many, many, many more!

Such a vile, evil cult... this islum thing.


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