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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why is Bashir still on the air with MSNBC, Comcast?

It's beyond me why this little worm is still employed! Catch the latest on the Tea Party Nation.

Why is he still on the air after what he said about Sarah Palin during one of his freakin' mindless rants! If this was a quasi-legitimate news agency like ABC, NBC, CBS, Reuters... hell, even Al Jazeera, America he'd have been hauled out of his little broadcast booth by his friggin' short hairs and given the boot! Take a look at what Tim Stanley from The Telegraph has to say about this whole American mess. And keep in mind brits are used to a bit of mud slinging and name calling in their own political arena. Stanley's obviously pretty appalled.

This Bashir idiot publicly called for someone to assault Sarah Palin, to take a dump and urinate in Sarah Palin's mouth. What the hell is wrong with this freak of a human being, this wannabe man? More importantly what's wrong with MSNBC?! I mean, they're struggling (at best) to pay the bills. Their twenty or so subscribers don't seem to be enough to keep the ratings up and they let this fool Bashir publicly suggest Sarah Palin, a proud American, a mother and grandmother be subjected to this type of abuse... defecating and urinating in her mouth? REALLY?! What the hell is that all about?!

This Bashir fool, this prick I never really heard of before until now... hell, this guy's a definite loser. If there ever was a reason to censor someone this is it. He needs to be taken off the air for his vile, vicious, absolutely disgusting comments directed towards someone who, quite frankly happens to be more of a human being than Bashir ever could be. Bashir's nothing more than a spineless little snake in the grass.

Per the information provided in the TeaParty Nation article referenced at the beginning of this post (authored by Judson Phillips), "MSNBC is owned by NBCUniversal which is in turn owned by Comcast. The CEO of Comcast is a guy named BRIAN ROBERTS. His address is 1701 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838."

Comcast owns MSNBC.

Let's do what we can to get Mr. Brian Roberts' attention re: this Bashir clown. Isn't it time we return some civility to the newsrooms around here? MSNBC certainly could use it. Who knows, they might attain a positive rating if it does happen. Bottom line, Bashir needs to go. He's a fool and has no business "lecturing" the twenty or so listeners/viewers they've accumulated over the years.

For the good of this mighty fine country of ours! To instill some semblance of sanity and civility back into our nations once professional "news" broadcasts please put an end to this garbage. This is more than "crossing the line". This little worm of a man, this Bashir fool is inciting true hate and discontent, willing whoever might be listening to him to commit a vicious and downright disgusting assault on a proud, loyal and devoted American, mother, wife and grandmother. Regardless of whether you agree with Sarah Palin or not she certainly doesn't deserve this type of treatment from anyone, let alone a wannabe "commentator".

Write to Brian Roberts. Demand Bashir be removed from the payroll and sent packing. I know I'll be watching and waiting to see what response MSNBC will give regarding Bashir's on the air request for an anonymous assault on Sarah Palin. I can only hope many more than me will do the same!

This bullshit has to stop!