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Saturday, July 22, 2017

A democrat hyping POTUS Trump?!

I never saw this coming. Watch out for what's going to follow. Don't trust a soul...

McLarty seems to make sense for once and his fellow liberal politicos don't like it.

I'm real curious to see how this is all going to shake out. I mean, Mack McLarty, the chief of staff for former president Bill Clinton is hyping our POTUS Donald J Trump's message re: jobs and the economy. He's suggesting the demoncrats and other liberal follow our President's lead and "focus on jobs and how we're really going to broaden and strengthen this economy".

But I love this part the most... McLarty agrees that our POTUS Donald J. Trump "has proposed some ways to do that in terms of infrastructure development and tax reform, all hard but doable.”

I'm wondering what's happening here. Even the left of the left are starting to see that the left way of doing things hasn't worked, isn't working and won't work. It's time to get real about the issues and fix the problems with real solutions, not rose tinted windows.



Dan T. said...

Keep an eye on his left hand when he is shaking yours with his right.

Dennis Heryford said...

LOL... That's a given when dealing with ANY politico. That and sleeping with one eye open lest you end up beaten to death in your sleeping bag and rolled down to the bottom of the hill, or worse yet smothered with your pillow while at on a retreat and cremated without an autopsy... at least.