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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Even the victim of the "Hate Crime" says it wasn't a hate crime.

The muslim woman who was attacked simply for being a muslim by an unknown hispanic male while she was walking home from her mosque? The poor woman who became the poster child for the "anti-muslim" rhetoric that we're all being accused of harboring in our grand old U. S. of A. thanks to a very creative, active press pool?

Yeah, THAT poor, defenseless muslim woman!

Well, it seems someone failed to mention that she wasn't attacked because she was a muslim. But it sounded good, it sold air time, newspapers so the press ran with the whole "anti-muslim" excuse anyways. Even when the victim claims the attack on her was unrelated to her being a muslim.

Her attorney wants it to be related to the fact that she is a muslim. He wants it to be the reason for the attack against her so bad that he's willing to discredit her statements (yes, statements... as in more than one) where she claimed to the investigators that her being a muslim wasn't the reason for the attack against her.

Yet, the press ran with what her attorney gave them rather than what she told the police. The anti-muslim claim fit the attorney's and the islamic community's agendas much better than the real reason so they ran to the press with it and the press? Well, they ran with it too. It sounded "better" to them. It must have... they elected to run with fiction over fact. But then again, this is our modern press.

The victim? She knew and still knows the real reason she was attacked. It's the same reason she told the investigators the day of and several times after the attack. She's not having any part of it being an anti muslim thing.

She told the investigators several times that she wasn't attacked because she's a muslim. She even provided multiple statements claiming the attack had nothing to do with her being a muslim. She believed it had everything to do with her refusal to accept the fact that her daughter entered into a lesbian relationship. A shitrea crime that's wholly against the cult of islam's "beliefs" a shitrea crime that is punishable by death. Most likely stoning.

Nope, the victim claims it WAS NOT A HATE CRIME in spite of what her muslim attorney, Munjed Ahmad, a board member for American muslims for Palestine with connections to Hamas has told her to say, or so it seems.

She doesn't seem to want to follow the script she was given by her muslim attorney.

It wasn't a hate crime. It was most likely an assault related to a domestic issue between her daughter, her son in law and her. And the press and the "attorney" want us to believe otherwise so they can continue to feed their agendas. 


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