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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Central Europe's been through this "INVASION" thing before.

Many times. And it didn't fare well for them back then.

What would make the "elite members" of the European "Union" think the invasion of Europe by daesh, islam, muslims... that the demands of the European "Union" elite members to Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slavakia, etc. insisting they take on more muslims would turn out any better than when Hitler or the Ottoman's "liberated" them in the past?!

I don't think the dissenting countries will fall for it this time around.

Regardless of what the European Union elite prefers and demands.

"Irresponsibility is the mark of every European politician who holds out the promise of a better life to immigrants and encourages them to leave everything behind and risk their lives in setting out for Europe. If Europe does not return to the path of common sense, it will find itself laid low in a battle for its fate...." -Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a speech responding to the European Union elites demands.

One only needs to turn their attention to France, Italy and Germany at least, to see how failed the "middle east immigrant" situation is. There's no hint of assimilation by those who migrated to the European Union "host" countries for middle east immigrants. In particular, muslims.

No sense of assimilation what-so-ever.

Those European Union "holdout" nations? I'm thinking they're seeing the light of day regarding this bogus "immigration" movement and BRAVO to them for standing their ground!


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