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Friday, June 29, 2007

In response to a recent email...

Let's not forget our immigrant "friends" from the south who seek our wealth and happiness.

Isn't this whole illegal immigration discussion primarily focused on those from Central and South America?

Let's be honest with ourselves. Isn't that what this whole discussion's about? I know we've had some attempts to "smuggle" in Chinese Nationals via shipping containers, etc. But they're normally discovered and sent back. What about those from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia? What about them. We're not seeing the huge, coordinated outcry from their advocates.

Who's the folks hanging their flag above ours? Who's the folks hanging our flag upside down under theirs? Who's the one's showing up at immigration protests waving the Mexican flag?

Are the Koreans, Chinese, Hungarians, Thai, Vietnamese protesting in our streets and demanding all rights be granted to them, regardless of their allegiance?

Nope, it's the Mexicans... The Mexicans and their Latin American cronies.

They're not willing to take the legal route like those before them did. They're not willing to become true citizens of this country. They just want the money, the land and whatever buildings might be left behind for them to keep. Oh yeah, and maybe a low rider or two.

They don't want us, they don't want our compassion.

They want what we have. Nothing more, nothing less.

If it makes you feel any better call me a racist.

I'm not but if it makes you feel any better call me one.

You truly are avoiding the truth when you start dishing out that "racist" label though. If you're crying racist because folks see what's happening around us and are bringing it to other peoples attention... if you're calling us racists because we're aware, we're observant, we're realizing there's a drive to force us out of our life, our possessions, our country then I suggest you pull your head out of the sand or learn to subject yourselves to their demands, if you haven't already.

Call me paranoid while you're at it too. That label might help as well.

I'm not but call me that if you feel compelled to hang a label on me. I'm not paranoid because I know where I'll be twenty years from today. I know how I'll respond to an infestation of illegals... especially when they're demanding all I have.

So, let's look back at the wonderful education the students at Montebello, California High School got this year. Let's look back at that education and learn from it ourselves.

Let's put an end to this madness and stop the flow of illegal immigrations now!


GUYK said...

Well said.

Joel Phillips said...

by Joel Phillips
publisher: www.religiousfreedomwatch.org
owner: American Coast Title www.actfortitle.org

Just watching the news from London is a reminder that we’re living in an age of terrorism. And, sad to say, almost all terrorism has something to do with Islam.

Just look at a few:

First World Trade Center Attack: A blind Egyptian guy was behind it. No one contests it.

Oklahoma City: Don’t forget that McVeigh served in the first Gulf War. There is good reason to think he was recruited by jihadists in Iraq who were active at the time.

9/11: Islamic suicide extremists, forget the other theories. They were Taliban zealots hoping for virgins and palaces in Islamic heaven.

Spanish train bombs: More Jihad extremists, basically the same bunch as the 9/11.

London train bombs: Not the same 9/11 and Spain guys, but British Muslims from Pakistan.

Virginia Tech: This one is so sad. Psychiatry started Cho out. Then Islamic recruiters told Cho he would get infinite sex in Muslim heaven from the 172 virgins so he converted. By trying to destroy Virginia Tech he thought he was attacking Bush’s aggression in Afghanistan.

London night club bombs: Good for the Brit cops, they have caught some of the guys and it is more of these Pakistan guys. Maybe it is time to have a serious think about what to do about Pakistan.

It is no accident or coincidence the bigots who oppose religious freedom are inspired by Islamic thought.

Just look at some of the fine people on www.religiousfreedomwatch.org. EVERY SINGLE PERSON on there is a zealot, bigot or extremist and you will find that most of them have extensive criminal records. Take a look at these criminal records and you will find the influence of Islam.

Charlotte Kates: this young woman is a card-carrying member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. They are kind of the poster child for Muslim terrorists.

Peter Alexander: this man makes hate films. He is also building some kind of an amusement park in the Arab Gulf. Is is clearly doing the bidding of Islamist masters all the way around.

Patricia Greemway: this woman is Alexander’s business partner and lover. She likes to live the high life and Arab money helps out there. Word in Ybor City is that she has her eye on an Enzo.

Kristi Wachter: she puts out a daily hate newsletter. She has paid for the theft of materials from churches. She says she used to run a record company but how much money could it make? It seems to me she is getting her money from bin Laden and his friends.

David Touretzky: don’t be fooled. This man is not a mouse brain researcher, he is a bomb expert. Who is really paying for his research? Could it be the same bomb makers loose in Iraq?

Keith Henson: first, don’t forget that but for www.religiousfreedomwatch.org this man would still be on the loose. He’s not just a bomb expert but a proved bomb maker. And who wants to pay for bombs? Jihad extremists! Who is paying for him to be able to buy toothpaste in jail? Could it be a guy called Osama?

Tory Bezazian: She walked away from her husband of many years to engage in hate activities. Where does she get money? The answer is Islam. She is a directly funded agent of the Los Angeles Koranic Council.

As to the site, religiousfreedomwatch.org, it is paid for 100% by my company, American Coast Title. I am one of the owners. The other two owners, Frank Berriz and Linda Blood are 100% behind what I am doing as are our parent underwriter Stewart Title. We also get pretty good support from our employees although it would be illegal of me to impose my political beliefs on them.

Does it surprise you that I am being attacked by Indonesians? Not a coincidence that Indonesia is an Islamic country. The company is willing to pay a nice reward to the person who will stand up and help me stop them. Please look at my site for details.

Expect without doubt a lot of trouble in Glendale. That’s where American Coast Title is located as well as a dense population of Armenians. The Armenians don’t like Arab Muslims so the area is getting very tense as the clock ticks down for Islamic terrorism.

So I am calling for the elimination of Islam. Many other religious choices are available. No other religion is associated with state sponsored terror as documented by the US State Department Report on Terrorism. This is a strong statement but it is time to end these attacks with bombs full of nails and gas. No other group does this. It is all and always back to Islam, Muslims, the Koran and groups like the Taliban and various sleeper cells.

Stand up with me on this one. Stand tall with me against Muslims who commit mass murder hoping for 172 virgins in a palace. Stand shoulder to shoulder with me to stop the next bunch suicidal bigots from burning down your city.