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Friday, November 17, 2017

California's NAACP Wants Our National Anthem Replaced.

Yep, the California chapter of the NAACP wants to strike the Star Spangled Banner from being our national anthem. They tend to find the Star Spangled Banner, the very song written by Francis Scott Key and adopted as our national anthem. They want that song replaced with something else because Star Spangled Banner is too "racist" and demeaning to us.

The naacp circulated two resolutions that were subsequently passed at their naacp California state conference in October, 2016.This one regarding the removal of the Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem and the second resolution that seeks state support in recognizing kaeppernick, that failed, wannabe black privileged NFL quarterback.

“We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick,” California NAACP President Alice Huffman said. “I think all this controversy about the knee will go away once the song is removed.”

I don't care about that "take a knee" thing. I don't watch that particular "sport" nor will I take a knee for any racist or quest for entitlement causes.

I'm really having a problem with this whole california state thing these days. Here's hoping they resurrect that calexit idea.

Just sharing some more idiotic ideas from that liberal cesspool California with you. Why should I keep them to myself. Misery loves company!


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