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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Political Correctness Will Kill Us

If we let it.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka tells it like it is in his usual, eloquent, matter of fact, straight to the truth way!

He's okay with trying to get along with others and all but, like me and many others like me he's not ready to sell the farm so we can all play together. He's not liking the idea of compromising our safety, our security, our existence so others can assert their will over us.

In fact, Dr. Sebastian Gorka takes this Politically Correct discussion to a whole new level. And it's refreshing to see someone candidly talking about it. The good Lord knows no one else is. Except maybe our POTUS Donald J. Trump and a lot of folks don't like what he's saying either but hey, too bad! The truth hurts sometimes and then we move on.

To hell with this P.C. crap if we're the only folks applying it. Folks are dying because our politicos insist on being politically correct. Let's put America First and put an end to the patronization of our enemy(ies).


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