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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bailed out and on the lam!

So Norman Hsu is a free man again!

He had his bail reduced enough so he could pay it (a cool million... don't expect THAT money to be going to anyone's campaign) and high tail it to parts unknown! (Wink, wink)

Yah, parts unknown... lol. How funny! A fugitive again.

This time he's hiding!

Some folks think he's back in his native home, Hong Kong. You know, that city in China that just keeps pumping out corrupt and less than scrupulous folks. It's been doing it for decades!!!

I find it more than just a little odd that the Chinese nationals and Hong Kong business representatives are elbows and knees deep involved in our United States politics... in the selection of our next president of the United States, among the elections of other politicos at ALL levels of government.

Has someone overlooked China's "reclamation" of Hong Kong? Has someone overlooked the very real possibilities that those Chinese who are raising funds for the dhimmicrats are most likely not as loyal to our causes as they are to, well... maybe China's causes.

Hmmm. Let's see. The bulk of the funds Hsu's raised for political contributions during these past several years are going to the dhimmicrat, Hillary Clinton. You know... Hill, the wife of Bill, our ex president and strong ally of China.

Hillary's the one who reduced the size and effectiveness of our military back in the day of Bill. Well, she did it through Bill. After all, a husband who's been getting it regularly on the side is going to do whatever he can to placate his wife after she discovers his many affairs, eh?

But I don't think that's the whole story behind this China, Clinton, dhimmicrat, ally thing. I'm thinking it goes back quite aways... at least to the early 1980's, most likely well before that.

In short, China found our achille's heal and has tapped into it. The dhimmicrats are beholden to the almighty dollars that China has routed into their campaigns and China, through it's agents is trying to assert it's political influence, political clout into the selection of our next president much like it did when Bill was elected.

If the dhimmicrats win then the markers will be called in one by one.

It's not the first time China's pretty much had it's way with us. There's already history of sellout to China by a previous Clinton regime.

It's pretty pathetic... politicos doing whatever they're told just so they can get another almighty buck. The politicians in this country are money grubbing whores on a global scale.

They'll sell us out to win an election!

So, Hsu's allegedly "back home" in Hong Kong. I wonder how long it will be until we hear he's "committed suicide".

I mean after all, he did let a lot of his compatriots down for all of the wrong reasons. His private, greedy little swindles brought the Chinese connections back out of the shadows again.

Isn't it odd that it just happens to be another Clinton and the dhimmicrats who were benefitting from the bulk of Hsu's "fund raising" activities.

Can we say "snookered"... again?

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