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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred Thompson!!!

In case you haven't heard, Fred Thompson threw his hat into the ring last night!

I like his style, his charisma, his directness. He seems like a good fit for the country and a bit of a curveball for those whose interests were straying elsewhere.

Let's hope Fred will bring everything back into focus.

So, he's now officially a POTUS candidate!!!


Let's see what happens. Hopefully things will get clearer regarding our choices.


GUYK said...

I still prefer Tancredo or Paul but Thompson has the best chance of getting the nomination than either of them.

I can support him although I don't agree with some of what he appears to stand for such as staying the course in Iraq. But hopefully he will be smart enough to know we either have to fight it and win it or get the hell out.

ttueoop said...


Although I'm not a fan of Tancredo or Paul I admire their candor. And yeah, Thompson does have the best chance of getting the repub's nod.

As I've said throughout my blog I'm not a party man. I don't vote for any particular party but do vote for particular individuals. I'm definitely not impressed with the dhimmicrats and what they're offering up so I'm turning to the repubs to see what they have to offer. Thompson's pretty darned impressive and "on the mark" as I see him. So, currently I'm supporting the man. I'm just one voter and really have very little to do with any "nomination" of any candidate. The electoral college pretty much makes those choices. Quite often I think the college is bought and paid for by the MSM and others, special interest groups who have the greatest (and most discreet) financial clout. But then, in this democratic government of "checks and balances" how can that actually be?

As for Thompson and the Iraq war... I couldn't agree with you more when you say "hopefully he will be smart enough to know we either have to fight it and win it or get the hell out."

We decide to end it by winning it or we bring the troops home. No more of this half-assed pandering to a fledgling democracy. In the words of Larry, the Cable Guy "Get-r-done"!

That's been a major deciding factor for me as to who I throw my very limited support to and why.

Take care