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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Speaking Of California and Immigration...

It looks like Jerry Brown and his ilk have succeeded in crossing that federal immigration "no cross" line AGAIN!

This time it got the ire of Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan.

Yeah, Brown's all about protecting the illegals in his state and to Hell with those who are citizens and are already registered to vote. It's just more of the same re: the democrat rush to get new voters. Given this most recent "in your face" moment by Jerry Brown and California one can hardly overlook the next situation including increased trade and political involvement with China. I've thought for quite some time that California, Jerry Brown, et.al. in particular are actually flirting with the thoughts of achieving a separation from our nation, becoming an "independent" nation, of sorts. That way they can let in all of the illegals they want to let in and they can deal with all of the communist countries they want to deal with over time. Just don't come running back to us and don't complain about the wall.

Personally, I'd call it treason but if they're going to take the ultra liberal route I'm okay with that separation. Brown and communism seems to be synonymous.



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