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Monday, January 29, 2018

Weatherby Bails On California!

California Loses More Jobs!

Weatherby Firearms is moving its company out of California taking at least seventy to ninety skilled workers with them. It seems California's continued hate and dissing of the firearms industry coupled with their outlandish "smart gun" requirements and their push towards socialism has created an untenable situation for anyone who's even remotely associated with the manufacture of firearms in the socialist republic of Califonicatia.

So, given the options Weatherby is saying "adios" California. Good luck with your new culture, citizens. Weatherby's moving to Wyoming, a real state that comprises our union.

California's loss is, well everyone else's gain. No doubt Weatherby will keep their quality at the highest levels but the guns most likely won't be increasing in price simply because there will be no California mandates imposed and they'll be safer to employ, if necessary.

BRAVO!!! Smart move Weatherby!


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