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Friday, January 26, 2018

POTUS and those Palestinians...

He seems to be at wits end with them and their lies, their rhetoric. He's finally offered up a "crap or get off the pot" solution re: their feigned support for peace in the Middle East. Our POTUS Trump is looking to withhold our financial "support" for them that was previously offered and agreed to (conditionally).

I never really could understand why our country, our politicos chose to create an "embassy" of sorts in our country for a terrorist organization and officially recognize its existence. Either way, our POTUS Trump has recognized that the Palestinian Authority (PA), via the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) are wanting their cake and wanting to eat it too. And of course, they've come to expect it having been spoon fed it for so many years. But our POTUS Trump seems to have different plans. He's wanting the Palestinians show a bit of respect to the United States and wants them to commit to peace or the money thing won't be happening.

I'm betting that obama fellow and those folks in that democrat party aren't going to be too happy with this latest revelation.

Yet another wrong being corrected! Thank you President Trump.

Bottom line, "Commit to peace, show respect and we'll help you out"... there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!


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