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Monday, January 15, 2018

American Grocery Stores and the USSR

I borrowed this piece from Joe For America.

As documented in a biography about Boris Yeltsin that was written by Leon Aron in 2000, the difference between capitalism and communism/socialism became painfully clear. Here's some limited details of a 1989 stop at a Randall's Grocery store in Houston, Texas by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union member, Boris Yeltsin that changed the USSR for good.

If Boris Yeltsin, a one time devout communist could recognized the difference between socialism, communism and capitalism from one visit to a typical grocery store in the United States then why can't the rest of us?!

Our card carrying, chest thumping, die in the wool American communists and socialists have absolutely no idea what they're asking for, what they're demanding. They want their cake and they want to eat it too. You can't have both. As the article linked to above suggests, Boris Yeltsin saw the difference up front and personal and returned to his Soviet Union to effect changes that would positively affect everyone. Or so he hoped.

And they did. That one visit to that one Texas store in 1989 changed the world forever.



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