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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


EVIL LIVES! For now anyways. In the heart and soul of Luis Bracamontes. Here's hoping the jury does what's right and California puts this maggot on a fast track to hell!

In 2014 a twice deported illegal alien killed two deputy sheriffs in cold blood and wounded another deputy. Now the cop killer is standing trial in one of California's "courts". Bracamontes doesn't care. He's pure evil. He's laughing, mocking, intimidating and taunting the jurors, the prosecutors, the judge and the witnesses and bystanders in court. He told those who were in court during this particular California trial "I will break out soon and I will kill more!" as his court appointed attorney argued for another review of his clients mental capacity.

"The charges against Bracamontes include the murders of both deputies, wounding a third deputy and shooting a fourth person in the head to steal his vehicle."

The judge wouldn't have any of Bracamontes' outbursts nor of the maggot's court appointed attorney's plea for additional mental evaluations.

“We believe these outbursts and the inappropriate laughter are part of the mental illness that we talked about earlier,” Bracamontes' attorney told the judge after Bracamontes let loose with his outbursts and the attorney requested an additional competency review. 

The judge immediately denied the motion, telling the attorney “He is not incompetent to stand trial,”

Undoubtedly, the coward Luis Bracamontes will stand trial. Unfortunately, I believe the death penalty, if he gets it will never be carried out as long as Jerry Brown's still occupying the governor's office. Nope, Brown will cater and continue to KowTow to Bracamontes and his ilk.

Hopefully Bracamontes' wife Janelle Monroy will be spending the rest of her life in prison as well.

Rest In Peace Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis! May God bless you and yours!This all could have been avoided if we would enforce our borders!


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