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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

73% of U.S. Terrorist convicts are Foreign Born!

Go figure. Like I had to be told that. Actually, I'm surprised it's not more than 73 percent but then again the figures have to meet a bi-partisan muster and the massaging of the math has to take place before any of these numbers become officially "official" with end notes and qualifying comments of course.

But, here it is in the Washington Times in all of its glory. At least 73% of all terrorist convicts in the United States of America (all that we know of anyways) were born elsewhere, as in "not born in" the United States of America! Hence, it can be argued that at least 73% of all terrorists convicts in the United States of America are foreign terrorists that brought here or are foreign "visitors" or "immigrants" serving time for terrorist acts.

Go figure!



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