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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Our POTUS Donald J. Trump's Tax Bill

Here's a great breakdown that was provided to me via email from a good friend. I wouldn't have caught it otherwise.

He read it and sent it along. It's from The Patriot Factor and in spite of everything you've read or heard from the left and the RINOs that's anti the bill it has a helluva lot of positives to it. So here's a breakdown of the truths of the bill in all of its glory!

Thanks again Dan and The Patriot Factor for getting this information out. The liberal agenda that includes distortion and lies never seems to end. The liberal propaganda continues to run rampant. We need to keep calling it out for what it is... propaganda, lies, distortions, fake news.

They're good at deception, those democrats and RINOs.



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