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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Washington State's Proposed Gun Control Legislation...

Washington State Democrats are really running with the proposed anti-gun legislation in Washington State this year, AGAIN.

State Senator David Frockt, State Representatives Strom Peterson, Laurie Jinkins, Ruth Kagi and State Senator Kevin Van De Wege, to name a few are "all in" for controlling our second amendment rights, for restricting our access to firearms, for limiting our options relating to personal defense.

Frockt is sponsoring four of the five bills that have been forwarded for review. Bills that are designed to make our second amendment rights more difficult to exercise and certainly sacrifice some of our personal safety and liberties for what purpose? It won't make the streets safer. We've already established that globally. When the good guys can't get access to firearms the bad guys will win the day.

I suggest we adequately and aggressively enforce the laws we already have on the books rather than create new laws that infringe on our liberties. It's painfully obvious to me that the democrats in the State of Washington insist on sacrificing our safety in favor of  political gain.

Why? Why is it that the democrats, the left insist on taking our second amendment rights away from us law abiding citizens? Why is it that the democrats, the leftists insist on removing our defenses against intruders, assailants? What's their agenda?

It's about control. It's a global thing.



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