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Monday, January 15, 2018

Facebook Is Not Impartial...

They can say what they want but Facebook will not provide an impartial venue for its users/readers. Over the past decade at least I've been on Facebook three times with three separate accounts and I've been "banned" from keeping those three Farcebook open after several years of sharing information with my followers.

Facebook is anything but "impartial". The editors/overseers will allow anti-Semitism, anti-Christian rhetoric until the cows come home but if anyone dares sharing pre-published, legitimate information on Farcebook that dares run contrary to their precious cult of islam, Facebook and their cultish daesh followers will ban you in a heartbeat, or so it seems.

Facebook makes no bones about it, they favor Islamic blasphemy laws over all others. They're okay with bad mouthing Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. but heaven forbid... do not badmouth the cult of islam on Farcebook. You'll be banned.

I guess it could be successfully argued that facebook is in bed with islam or they're just scared to death of the cult. Either way, they bowed and still bow to the pressure of their Islamic brethren.

The problem with islam and farcebook seems to be their perception of "reality". It's most definitely biased in favor of islam. If that's the case then why would islam and farcebook be professing the Koran as the "holy book" of islam when even the Koran favors the Jews and Jerusalem at least.

Ah, but they evidently overlooked that part of the equation. Selective enforcement, selective interpretation by daesh and farcebook. Selective in favor of their lies, deceit... nothing more.



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