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Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Muslim Brotherhood

There's trouble in their paradise.

The mooslum bro'hood is getting its collective arse whooped around the globe and it appears no one seems to want to "step up" and take over the leadership role of the terrorist organization. Or at least no one the group deems qualified to fill the post.

The global membership seems to be in favor of a new leader with a heavy (ier) hand than what they've had recently. The goal of islam, of the muslim bro'hood is pretty evident. Global domination for muslims. Though, admittedly there are some folks who wish for a more passive approach I doubt that's going to happen. Especially since the current push to find a new leader who is more militant, more assertive than those who served the bro'hood in the past.

In the meantime ol' Ibrahim wants to step down and fall away into the shadows. He's tired of serving veiled threats of terrorism in the name is islam to international rulers throughout the globe. He's simply wanting to fade away into the shadows in his final years.

It's too bad no one with any political oomph called Ibrahim out for what he was and still is, a purveyor of terror, death and destruction in the name of islam. He proudly demonstrated that he's capable of employing islam's taqqiya principal as he continued to "defend" the "values of islam" globally.

"Munir followed the taqqiya principal – a precautionary concealment or denial of religious belief and practice in the face of persecution – in all his English language communications with the media and United Kingdom politicians."

Yeah this old Ibrahim Munir freak... he sold Great Britain, Europe, the rest of the naive world on the "merits of islam"... OR ELSE. A policy practiced everywhere. His "diplomatic clout" hinged on his thinly veiled terror threats to governments, communities carried out if submission doesn't occur.

At least, that's my take on things.



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