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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Check this out!

The fat, ugly, ignorant prick is stroking the African Union now.

It's great to hear Chavez is bringing more islamic culture into his little fiefdom.

After all, it is the religion of peace! Surely there is nothing to fear from these religious zealots. (point of clarification here- is the big guy's name "muhammed", "mohammed", "mahammed" or some other variation of the name? I mean, every time I read his/her name it's a different variation! Dayum! Settle on one and let us infidels know what you've settled on!)

So, given muhammed's religion of peace- that peace compelled by the sword- given his/her compulsion to ride camels- given his/her raucous behavior you'd have thought that he/her would be a bit more identifiable and all.

Either way, Chavez and the African Union appear to be hooking up with the hopes of whatever. Who knows what Chavez is hoping for!

We certainly know what the mooslims are hoping for.

The bottom line is he has invited the very devil into his house. This is going to be interesting.

Oh yeah, why is it muslim or moslem? Pick a spelling and stay with!

Damn this is distracting!

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