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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


That little, annoying, fat Venezuelan dude is at it again.

He's the little, fat, ugly guy on the right in this Yahoo image. He's not the shorter, hooked nosed, Iranian dude on the left. Well, actually he's the one on the left in the bigger picture.

Aw hell, let's make it simple. He's the fat, ugly dude in the darker suit. The little ratty looking character we'll get to another day. Right now, he (the little Iranian dude) is a bit busy showing the Russians where he wants his nuke sites built (oh crap. That's supposed to be a secret!).

Yeah. Hugo filed a "diplomatic protest" regarding a circus sideshow performed by his foreign minister Nicolas Maduro and a couple of tagalong's when they were temporarily detained by airport authorities in New York.

It seems the thugs were complaining about airport security measures after they'd drawn attention to themselves as they approached the gate.

The security personnel- as trained, recognized the odd behaviors of these idiots as behaviors that warranted further review. They intervened and attempted to screen the entourage in the appropriate manner- as any other odd acting passengers would be screened within the United States.

You know the rest of the story.

I propose (duh!) these security folks were set up! Chavez wanted to leave his mark with the press as he departed our country. His mark is an ugly one.

But then again, that's only my take on things.

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