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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The United Nations needs to leave our country!

Why is it that the United Nations is housed in the United States?

Most of those countries leaders comprising the organization are nothing more than a group of arrogant thugs- tyrants and self centered idiots who are so very anti-west. So I guess my question is why afford them a place to stay within our very borders.

By doing this we bring the very enemies of our culture, our way of life into our home and house them, feed them and protect them. Do you think for a moment that our leaders would get the same hospitable treatment in their countries? Hell no!

The United Nations is a useless, has-been organization that needs to disband or move elsewhere. It's saturated with corruption, it's so diluted in it's make up that it's incapable of making any real, effective, positive influence anywhere on the global front and it needs to go!

The United States has to quit pouring money into this defunct organization. We, the taxpayers of this great country are paying 3.5 to 6 billion U.S. tax dollars a year to the U.N.'s greedy, demanding, money grubbing system through our government!!! 3.5 to 6 BILLION HARD EARNED TAX PAYER DOLLARS!!!

Instead of paying this useless group to stay within our borders, insult our nation- us! Instead of actively housing them and cow-cowing to them our leadership should be reclaiming the building and property that houses this criminal group of thugs and wannabes, effectively removing them from our soil.

Personally, I'm sick and tired of seeing our leadership cow-cow to these idiots only to get humiliated and insulted in the end.

Anan is a criminal- that's been exposed. His son made big bucks off of our charitable nature. Anan claims he had no idea what was happening- and I have some ocean front property to sell someone in Arizona too.

The United Nations has to go!!!

Let China or Russia do their part now. Let one of those countries house this defunct, impotent, ruthless group of idiots.

No, wait- France would be a much better fit. Chirac and Anan could try and outdo one another with their absurd, out of this world comments and commitments- and they can both bend in the breezes like the spineless bastards they are.

Send the U.N. away!!! NOW!!!

Get us out!!!

1 comment:

D. H. said...

...or perhaps Venezuela!?