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Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh, just blowing off some steam.

I need to establish that I’m not a Republican, Democrat, Green(whatever), Libertarian, Communist, Socialist, etc.

I’ve always voted for a PERSON who most accurately represented MY views, MY takes on the world and our fantastic country. I admit, I’m self serving when it comes to politics.

I have to say--- establish up front--- that I did not vote for George Bush when he ran against Gore. Now--- today I’m embarrassed to admit that!

I did vote for George Bush when he was “challenged” by Kerry. Holy crap that was a nightmare. Kerry was so damned condenscending--- he never seemed to remember what he said from one day to the next. He was just trying to appease those who he was speaking to at the time he was talking. Can you imagine where we’d be right now if Kerry was president? We’d be reading the Quran and learning Spanish.

In hindsight I for one appreciate George Bush’s overall plan to invade Afghanistan and subsequently Iraq. At first I was furious. I have a son who was at the time in “harms way” and I was furious that the President of this grand United States was placing him on the front lines--- hell, he was placing him in areas where there were no REAL lines yet, DIRECTLY in harms way--- well before any United States “build up” in Pakistan began that would directly support the preparation for the battles of Afghanistan and Iraq in this war on Islamic terrorism.

So now it’s time to toss out some thoughts that I’ve had for quite awhile regarding this whole discussion of Iraq and the dramatic increase of terrorist activity in Iraq.

I've read and heard angry politicians, newscasters, religious leaders and others claim that the United States has created an islamic extremist battlefield in Iraq, drawing to that country islamic terrorist from all parts of the globe--- terrorists who would not be in Iraq were it not for the battle against terrorism--- which just happens to be focused on Iraq right now.

What’s wrong with that?

What? Do we want these alleged “terrorists” (read cowards) to remain scattered throughout the world for us and our allies to root out--- to kill covertly or not at all?

Doesn’t it make better sense to attract these cowards, draw them to a common place where we can effectively kill them? Kill them on a battlefield of our choosing and their acceptance?

These cowardly bastards were drawn to Iraq with the grand notion of “JI-effing-HAD” like moths to a candle’s flame.

Hell, they played into the hands of the President and his advisors and I love it!

Although the sunni’s, shia’s and others are slaughtering each other daily they still get caught up in the overall “ji-effing-had” bullshit!

This is just the beginning of the end for their cause. They’re struggling big time right now. That dude who supposedly replaced that zarqawi dude is begging for outside help. He's wanting to pull the plug but doesn't quite know how to do it.

We’re kicking butt and they know it!

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