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Monday, September 25, 2006

Islamic intolerance!

I was over on the Infidel Bloggers Alliance this morning giving it a good read. I found the "Killed in a Burka" post chillingly real. The fundamental lesson- speak out against islam and you die. Intolerance- the islamic reaction to adversity. Anger- hate- death- the result of islamic intolerance!

Another good read was found further along in the blog. Here's a couple of powerfully written paragraphs posted to the Infidel Bloggers Alliance by Jai Hind (We need a "Jihad" against intolerance)-

"Muslims must realise that this attitude of “intolerance” – of believing that there is only one truth; only one way to redemption, salvation and glory is fundamentally flawed and completely incompatible with any norms of a civilised and evolved society.We are not living in the Stone Ages and the sooner Muslims realise this, the better.

When will Muslims wake up to this?…and accept that some of the very fundamental tenets of Islam are flawed? accept the need for reform…accept that there will always be people who will not agree with what they believe in – will not agree with their way of thinking and will not agree with their interpretations – but will still need to be accorded respect, given space and treated as being equally worthy in any dialogue.

Is this asking for too much?"

The question is not "is this asking for too much?". That answer's painfully obvious. We are asking for too much of the islamic community to realize certain facts of life- flaws.

The real question was asked by Jai Hind (and many others) and continues to loom like an elephant in the room- When will Muslims begin to tolerate and accept other beliefs?

So far, the answer is "NEVER"!

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