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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Norway's quest for global freedom of speech!

According to News From Norway, Norway will no longer be bullied!

The Norwegian television (VG Nett) Channel 2 will be airing those controversial caricatures of muhammad tomorrow, Monday, October 02, 2006 in a documentary entitled "Threatened to Silence".

While addressing the proposed telecast, journalist Per Christian Magnus, promoter of the documentary suggests the documentary "is a very important act in the fight for freedom of speech."

I have to agree! For what it's worth.

Magnus went on to say "I can personally vouch for the finished product, and I guarantee that only journalistic considerations has been taken into account when considering what's going to be shown and what's not."

Magnus insists the failure to show the cartoons, caricatures would only serve to censor the story behind the Muhammad cartoons- prevent the story from being told, again.

Magnus- "The reason we made Threatened to silence is to illustrate what the conflict was all about."

The Norwegian flag is already being burned by "religion of peace" practitioners.

Imagine that- a documentary discussing islamic intolerance on a global scale.

Bravo! Norway- Bravo! VG Nett!

So, it's not an American fabrication.

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