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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A montage of peace!

Islamic style.

Let's start with this loving exchange between a mother and her child before she sends him off to school.

Isn't this a touching sight?

As a parent I have to appreciate the care she's taking to ensure her little, "chubby-wubby-warrior" is all wired in and ready for that little jihad that's a'coming down the 'pike.

I think I'll go to the local mosque and buy some c-4 or something for the kids after work today.

Then we have this little tiger.

He's almost as big as the gun he's carrying. Isn't that cute? The problem is he's probably more efficient with that gun then he is with his reading, writing and math skills.

Note his playground buddies around him. It's a great thing to see all of the kids on the block playing together again isn't it.

What do you think the whole idea might be here?

What do you think this guy's intentions are?

They truly are the religion of peace aren't they?

Surely we have nothing to fear from the peace mongers.

I mean, they preach the qur'an.

The book of Islam, of peace, of world domination?

Look at it this way, we'll always have the United Nations to help us! They're remarkably effective when the French are in charge.


Anonymous said...

Not that your at all xenophobic, paranoid and down right fucking racist at all!

ttueoop said...

Nah, not xenophobic, paranoid or racist. Just aware of what's happening around me.

You should take a bit more notice friend.

Oh yeah, next time when you post what you think might be insulting remarks to me (they really aren't because I could give a crap what you think) you should try posting with your identity rather than the "anonymous" stuff.

You should take credit for your posts. Be proud!

-and be aware.

ttueoop said...

Such language coming from you Claudia. I'm a bit shocked.

Anonymous said...

Too scared to get on the wrong side of you. You might take against me for having the wrong colour eyes, hair, or faith. (Hmmm where have I heard that before?)

ttueoop said...

You certainly have nothing to fear from me. In fact, you might even be surprised about the color of my eyes, hair or of my faith.

The fact of the matter is that we have heard all of this somewhere before- several times and lived and know the results.

I'm simply restating facts and reciting happenings as they occur throughout the world. This certainly isn't a "The Sky Is Falling" thing here. It's world events and trends, leaderships, cultural challenges, clashes, etc. that's been occurring globally for decades.

But I want you to know I truly appreciate your candor and willingness to share your views with me here on the blog.

Thanks for the dialogue.

Take care.