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Friday, October 27, 2006

France and islam---

The continuing 'Intifada' in France is taking it's toll.

Tolerant muslims are testing France and the rest of the European community.

"We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists," said Michel Thoomis, secretary general of the Action Police trade union. "This is not a question of urban violence any more. It is an intifada, with stones and firebombs."

In France alone 2,500 police officers (at least 14 police officers per day) have been injured in 2006. It's another war on their soil that's exacting it's toll on the French government, culture and communities and threatening all of Europe.

According to other reports this most recent violence is associated with the French muslim community and includes 100 cars that were torched nationwide overnight on October 26, half of them in Paris.

The police claim these figures are higher than normal, stating that between 30 and 50 cars are normally set on fire during an average week.

Wow, so much for the religion of peace and it's claim of tolerance.


Anonymous said...

If you synthesize all the information readily available on the web and look at the big picture, you see that Europe as we know it will cease to exist--given present demographic, immigration and political trends--in a few generations. The thousands of years of history, literature, culture, art, philosophy, architecture and invention represented by the people and landscape of Europe are about to be submerged under and destroyed by a spreading tide of Muslims who are largely hostile to everything Infidel Europe represents.

On the physical and political side the Italians, Germans, French, English, Belgians, Scandinavians, Czechs and Poles—all of the European peoples, in fact, are destined to become minorities in their own countries, enable to reproduce themselves in sufficient numbers to sustain themselves and also unable to sustain the weight of their cradle-to grave social welfare and retirement systems. Muslims, on the other hand, have sky-high birth rates and are very adept at milking European welfare systems, so that the Infidels of Europe are paying to support the large families of the very Muslims who will eventually destroy them.

On the psychological side, by accepting the idea of a post-Christian Europe, Europeans have stripped themselves of the one defense and source of power that might have saved them; a fundamental bedrock of Christian religion and morality which could have been the foundation for and source of a renewed “civilizational confidence” which would have enabled Europeans to again value their heritage, culture and civilization enough to defend it against Islamic fanaticism.

That hope is apparently dead and meanwhile the soothing, self-satisfied voices of post-modernism, multiculturalism and political correctness are still very successfully keeping many Europeans in thrall to them and thus unable to see and recognize the approaching Muslim tide. I expect the Intifada to break out in France and spread and grow in violence, year by year, country by country and, as things stand right now, I don’t see the Europeans winning. As a result, I expect to see a trickle, then a flood of refugees pouring out of Europe headed for the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand as things get worse in Europe. As the situation they have created finally dawns on European leaders I also anticipate frantic calls from the very leaders and countries who have spit on the U.S. and mocked her for so long, asking for our help. I suspect that, this time, it will not be forthcoming.

What will Europe look like when Muslims assume control? Using the past history of 1,300 hundred years Muslim raids and wars, conquests and subjugations of Infidels as a guide, I expect great slaughter, looting, rape and destruction, with Christian religious and cultural targets to be especially hard hit—defiled or destroyed. Those European Infidels who survive the initial conquests can look forward to a life as a semi-slave, a “dhimmi”; without any real rights, unable to testify in court, forced to pay a huge annual “protection tax,” the “jizya,” women will become property. The art, philosophy, music, science and other cultural hallmarks that defined European culture will be banned and a great pall of stagnation will envelop Europe—think Afghanistan under the Taliban. A new dark age will settle over Europe and even if, sometime in the future, it is lifted, Europe as we know it will be irretrievably lost.

ttueoop said...
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ttueoop said...

Unfortunately, this post is chilling but I believe so very well on the mark!

Although you've posted anonymously I'm going to move your comment from the comments section into the main body as a "guest" post.

If you'd email me directly I'd love to include you as a guest poster in the future if you wish.

Anonymous said...

Of course, France does have a longstanding and shameful history of raising the white flag to anyone who appears to be a threat. I can't think of anywhere else in the world, where you could have 300 cars torched by angry Muslim mobs in one night and still try to pass it off as a public nuisance.

ttueoop said...

Very well said NC! Also, thanks for the reference. I went to the blog and looked around.