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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Is there no end to this insanity?

I'm going to break from the muzzies a bit to share some rather disturbing information with you. Evidently we're being spied upon! Yes, all of us! Even now, as I write this post my thoughts are being monitored and exploited.

Here's how I learned about this travesty of justice!

I stumbled across a blog this morning that is managed by someone who calls himself James F. Marino. His blog (or at least his server) is situated in Sevilla, Spain in the Andalucia region. The name of the blog is "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations". I'm not sure if I'm going to link it here, I'm not so sure I want to. The CIA, NSA and a whole bunch of other agencies with initials for names might storm my door if I do.

---but it is humorous, in an odd, absurd, perverted little way.

I want to establish up front that I don't normally go about criticizing other blogs--- that's not my nature--- that's not cool. But this guy must be smoking something far stronger than "B.C. Bud".

Mr. Marino claims to "have been a US Government Mind Control Target/Satellite Prisoner (Synthetic Telepathy) for over 25 years, being subjected to nonconsensual human experimentation through the National Security Agency's remote neural monitoring -- satellite program." He goes on to claim he's had his "mind both scanned and influenced by this technology 24/7/365 in an outrageous abuse of my Constitutional rights"--- and the sad part is, he BELIEVES it! ---I think.

This mind control target/satellite prisoner, Mr. Marino is so incessed with these thoughts that he confesses to surfing the net for thousands of hours to find information relating to the United States (primarily the CIA's) "mind control" and "satellite" research and development program.

He authors extremely long posts to his blog, has a "black-ops" conspiracy theory for scores and scores of events over the years and appears to be in his own little orbit in a faraway galaxy.

He states in his blog--- in his profile that"over the past three years I've spent thousands of hours researching this information and finally learned about the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology and its electronic mind reading capablilities."

Evidently he's realized these techniques that are allegedly practiced and perfected by agents of the United States exploit and "hone in on your body's invisible EMF waves."

Damn EMF waves anyways! I knew someone would find a way to exploit them someday. I just knew it. Does this mean we have to wear the tinfoil again.

It's so uncomfortable and noisy--- especially when it rains.

Our activities, our very thoughts are so damned important to agents of the United States that he claims we're all at risk! "This illegal government spying is happening to myself as well as millions of other Americans who have no idea that they are being both watched and videotaped by way of NSA spy satellites."

I don't know about you but this breach of my rights, my civil liberties is simply immoral and unacceptable! I'm going to post a note to my congressman as soon as I get back from Costco after buying up all of the aluminum foil!

---oh, and for those who actually read this post this far--- if you truly want to follow up on his "site" here's the link to 9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations--- enjoy!

Joseph, at Western Wisdom wrote a piece about "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations" and posted it to Western Wisdom on September 16, 2006. The article is titled "Bonafide NutJob Blogger".

Having read Joseph's post after I wrote mine I decided I'd go back over mine and edit out a bunch of stuff--- why repeat the obvious and previously stated? Besides, Joseph's was more direct and far more articulate.

The peculiar part of Joseph's article wasn't what Joseph had written but how Mr. Marino responded.

Mr. Marino, your room's ready.


Joseph said...

Well written! My sides are cramping like crazy from laughing so hard! (at least I think that's the cause of it, though it's possible the NSA's super-quadruple-secret-remote-side-stitch-crampalator was the cause)

Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it.

ttueoop said...

Hey Joseph, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the post--- I enjoyed writing it but all the while I had hoped it was a piece of fiction. NOT! Wow, there's a LOT of supporters of this stuff out there.

Anyways, I enjoyed the hell out of your blog too.

Oh yeah, the 'foil does work for the sqsrss-crampalator (v-01-beta)--- for now anyways. They'll figure that out too--- always a step ahead of us, always! Damned spooks!