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Monday, October 02, 2006

From Democracy Frontline

From the "Comments" section of a post entitled I Never Had Sex With That Woman on the Democracy Frontline blog.

This is occurring in Australia as we speak! Hell, it's occurring all around us.

"Doc, for a while I have been gathering information on Shepparton, in Vic, for an article, but the more I dig, the more appears and the worse it gets. “Shep” was one of the first Australian rural cities to discover the joys of having grateful members of the Ummah as neighbours. Briefly, the community has been forced to accept “Muslim only” hours at their local swimming pool. This may not sound, to a city dweller, so onerous, but Shep pool is huge and plays an important role in the community, so far from beaches, flowing streams etc, and summer is long and hot up there.

There is a very tighly clamped “lid” on events pertaining to the social fabric of Shep, a lot of fear, a lot of censorship, a lot of circling the wagons and a lot of denial, but one thing is certain to anyone who goes looking for themselves, there is massive, seething resentment there, and it is not being addressed. Wagga is the NSW equivalent, a large city on the north eastern corner of the Sunraysia/Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. (Muslim Immigration Area???)It was fruit picking/cannery work that saw the Muslims arrive. They bought up the worst and cheapest of the housing, and are now exerting influence at local and state level. They don’t like a lot of what they see around them…..which we call Australia.

On matters medical, it is no longer necessary for doctors to swear a Hipocratic Oath in Australia. I have a good relationship with a Sikh doctor who lives locally. He laments - long and loud - what he sees taking place in Australin medical circles. Erosion of standards, covering of mistakes, stone-walling of complaints, lowering of professional requirements to fill quotas, loss of ethical standards, the influence of drug companies who “buy doctors” - and find so many “for sale”….the list goes on.
Note the name of the current AMA President and the “reforms” that have taken place under his guidance.

Having experienced a lot of present day Australian “medical treatment”, (and having 2 years nursing experience in my youth)I say, often, that I felt safer in Thailand. True, I had money and so was not thrown on the Thai public health system, which would be an appalling fate, but the standard of medicine available to those Thai who can afford to pay leaves Australia in its wake.

We are becomming a Third World country, by design and default.

One small victory - the local practice, which employs my Sikh friend - was forced to withdraw an offer it made to an Afghani Muslim doctor. He was given a fair go, but after a short while, people were demanding “any doctor but him”.

I sense my town, Churchill, may soon find itself in the eye of a “Shepparton” storm. It is home to a very large campus of Monash University, which is set to expand through slated increases to 2 existing faculties and the introduction of an entirely new faculty - medicine. There are increasing numbers of Hijab-clad women and smock-clad men appearing on our streets, and housing (former S.E.C worker-housing) is being snapped up. I am reliably informed we will have three Muslim houses on my street next year. The local council tried to bury an application for a mosque in Morwell, our Municipal seat, 14 kms away, by placing the D/A in the “Tenders” section of the local paper. They want to convert an old factory. The general feeling seems to be a tolerant, “so what, they need a church” but it DID alert people to numbers - if there is a need for a large building, there must be a larger congregation than first thought?

I’ve written before about the hostile Bangladeshi take-over of the local cricket practice nets. These charmers, who have access to Australian Institute of Sport facilities (state of the art and the best in rural Victoria) prefer NOT to play/practice with the kafirs because women play cricket there, in shorts and T-shirts!!!!! So, they intimidate the local kids away from their nets and have the facility to themselves.

There is one gent who does all the talking, and he is so affable and gregarious, so willing to talk about Islam! He is always in the full Muslim rig -a grey, ankle length smock and one of those lace-doily skull caps, not cricket whites. The rest of the “cricketers” slink around in the background, letting him do all the talking. He seems not to play cricket - perhaps his job is to make sure his fellows can, without undue influence from youthful infidels?

Comment by gravelrash — October 1, 2006 @ 10:16 am"

This is troubling, at best!

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