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Monday, October 23, 2006

Muslim outrage in the making?

I've borrowed this photo from The New Zonka Blog because I've found it so ironic yet so (most likely) innocent.

The manufacturer of these piggy banks evidently have no idea of the irony and hilarity associated with a piggy bank named mohammed. This is certainly going to raise the ire of someone in the muslim community.

I'd buy several just for speculation--- the value will most likely skyrocket as a novelty item, if nothing else.

Oh, what a collectible.


American Crusader said...

There is also a web site offering Mohammed "bobblehead" dolls. If it wasn't for the overreaction most Muslims display and the threats of violence for mostly innocuous events/statements, no one would even be interested in these things.

ttueoop said...

AC- You're certainly right about that. The muslims bring most of the challenges they're facing throughout the world on themselves.

Their knee jerk, radical, incessant belly aching when things don't go their way brings these little trinkets onto the center stage.

I'm going out and looking for the mo' bobblehead now. Thanks for the tip!

Joseph said...

I print out Mohammed images and use them for target practise. Nothing like putting a couple hundred .429" holes in the prophet Mohammed's head for fun.

ttueoop said...

Hah! I used to do that with Khomeini's mug. I think I'll follow your lead and use muhammad's.