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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some Global Views, October 29, 2006---

Here's some opinions and views from elsewhere:

Hey, thanks for the "shout out" Rue St. Michel. We seem to be on the same page. Another, more revealing discussion about the 2,500 cops who've been injured in France in 2006! Scroll down to the post.

Is islam nothing more than a public nuisance?

You decide.

Some very, very intense reading regarding muhammad, islam and a bunch of other stuff--- it's so damned revealing! Read it all--- read as much as you can!

And while you're at it, wander on over to the Militant Islamic Monitor Site to check out the latest in a flurry of activities out there in islamoland.

Wrapping things up I'd recommend a very good read at islam's claim to fame--- Islam: The Religion Of Peace. Got there and read whatever you can read over the next 30 days! While you're there try to answer the "head" question--- intriguing.

And they claim they're a tolerant, peaceful lot.

1 comment:

Rue St. Michel said...

Just about finished reading Melanie Phillip's scatching indictment of radical Islam in her book "Londonistan" - if you can get your hands on a copy it is well worth the read.

Great post!